Monday, February 15, 2010

I feel bad for not only my husband but Max lately.  I"ve been really sick for the last 7-8 weeks and Im not much fun.  Last year for V-day we went to Vegas and had a really good time.  I wanted to do something just as fun this year since Vday is followed by President's Day. (which means a day off from work).  Unfortunately, since I am too sick to do anything as of late, we stayed home and just cooked dinner.  We exchanged cards and Jim got me some awesome roses.  I made a Red Velvet cake but we haven't gotten around to eating it yet.  So this day off (Presidents Day) consists of sitting around, watching the pool guys re-do our pool deck and patio and Jim running to the Home Depot to get more crap for his project on the side of the house.  Sounds like fun.  I really shouldn't complain since I sit around all day and feel sorry for myself cause I either am throwing up, having diarrhea, or just so naseas I can't even do anything.....hahaha

Just getting back from church

The cake I made that is sitting untouched

my awesome roses

Our awesome dinner

Our awesome dessert

Max wandered into the laundry basket.  Ok, I put him in there just for a minute while I loaded the washer

Max's valentine treat from Mommy
(it's a popsicle)

My poop face


{The Huffakers} said...

Max is huge!! He gets bigger every time I see that kid...I miss you guys. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. Sorry you're feeling sick!

Tiffany said...

I feel ya on the sick thing we have been passing it around to eachother. Max has grown so much since I last saw him, I love his poop face!!

Suzette's Life said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick, but congrats on the new baby. Hopefully everything goes well. You all are such a beautiful family!!

Matt and Brianna said...

Holy Crap you're prego?! Congrats!!! I'm sorry u r so sick. That sure makes it tuff to be a mommy!! Good luck! Let anyone (me) kn0w if u need anything

Bobbi said...

OH MY! Max is huge! Look at that little red headed tubby in the basket. Soooo cute Shalene! Kisha was down in bed for a couple of days also. More than the normal preggo stuff. You guys must have caught the same bug :-(

Brenden+Nikki said...

eeekk!!! Just saw your ticker - congrats! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! :) And Max is so cute. I love that he is growing hair. Collin has about 4 strands. ha ha.

Linz said...

Oh my gosh....he is so chubbtastic! Libs and Max need to get together! I can't get over his yummy red hair either! DELISH! I still can't get over you pregnant!! Hope the sickness subsides soon!! Looking forward to seeing you!! YAY!