Friday, March 12, 2010

Am I really 30?

So as I look in the mirror everyday, (yes, I do look in the mirror even though my appearance doesn't look like it)  I am noticing that I am starting to look "old".  I've never been one to use face creams or anti aging moisturizer.  Now I am thinking to myself, maybe I should have?  I've also been the one to say that I am not going to care what I look like when I am 60.  So what if I have wrinkles and all my hair is gone.  But each day I am starting to change my opinion of this, especially this morning.  I was taking a picture of my awesome lashes to post on here.  My cousin Jackie does lash extensions.  I am not one to really care about my appearance, but ladies, the awesomeness of not having to wear mascara anymore is worth it.  You all know I have WHITE eye lashes and without mascara I look albino.  I have corrected this problem.  I get these eyelashes filled every month or so and my problem is gone.  I don't wear makeup anymore.  


Since taking this picture this morning I am going to have to disagree with myself.  Why the crap am I not wearing makeup?  Holy crap!!!!!  Where did all these wrinkles come from?  Why the bags underneath my eyes?  Is my skin sagging at the lower cheeks?  Don't mind that I have not showered or combed my hair this morning, but  

But at least I have awesome lashes.......

So now that I have posted a disgusting picture I thought I would post pictures of cute people.

We recently bought BAND HERO..We think the game is fun but Max loved the box.

Max getting ready to go get his pictures taken for the first time.  He was turd and didn't want to smile.  

Jim built a shed on our side yard.  It is more like a home for my fake Christmas Tree.

Kelsey's birthday lunch.  It was so much fun hanging out with friends.  I don't know what that is like anymore.  It was fun to finally hang out with Bobbi who I never get to see.  She is the one taking this picture.  I can't wait for Kelsey to have her little baby much fun !!!

Oh and I wanted to add one more picture...Please look at Max's left shoulder.  We just noticed it once we uploaded the pics on the computer.  We were laughing...


Bonnie and Kirk said... look real old. Welcome the over 30 club...its all downhill from here. You should just accept that botox will be part of your life. I'm gettin botox next week, and a gut reduction, and luv handle suction...who needs the gym.

Brenden+Nikki said...

Ha ha you're crazy! You don't look old! And you do have fantastic eyelashes! So that's the REAL secret. Not expensive mascara like I thought....

Anyway I don't wear makeup either, well ok just blush, eyeliner, and mascara and I was thinking how wonderful it was to cut so much time off my morning routine. For some reason I always look ok in the bathroom mirror but then when i take a picture I always look haggard and tired in it. I still don't put on foundation though...I just don't have time!

Ha ha and Max is so cute. I love all his pictures!

Matt and Brianna said...

I love Max!! He is ADORABLE!!! I wanna meet him still!!

And YES!! You do have fantastic eye lashes! I wanna do it too!

kisha said...

1.first of all you don't look old... I don't know what you are talking about.
2.Your child is completely adorable and I want to eat him up!
3.I had so much fun hanging out too. We need to do it more... I have no friends!

Candice and Steve said...

All I can say about you turning 30 is.....oh please!!! And can I say once more that the new top picture of Max is so darn cute I can't stand it!