Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can't wait for summer

The transition between winter and summer in Arizona is extremely short. March and April are known as spring, however, it's really more like 30 days of spring. Once it hits mid April I just want Summer to be here already. The weather is hot but the pool is too cold. It almost makes it even more miserable. I'm just to that point I'm ready to be hot and then jump in the pool. So yes, I'm counting down the days until my pool is warm enough to swim in. I think Max is counting too. I really just want to have a TIKI pool party so I need it be warmer. 
The pool is a very curious thing for him right now. We just invested in a safety pool net since it was appropriate Max is moving around a lot more lately. I know people didn't really like the idea of having their kids come over when it wasn't swimming time because I had an open pool. So now all of you can come visit because it's safe. Now I just hope I remember how it comes off and on again. It's not as easy as it looks. haha
I threw Max onto the net just to make sure it was legit.  

Max is in the beginning stages of crawling.  He takes a couple of walks and then slides onto his tummy.  

We had to try KFC's double down.  Jim and I saw the commercial and we knew that the day they starting selling them we had to have them.  He got the original and I got the grilled.  It was really good, but I just can't do that much grease in one sitting.  

Max loves when Jim plays the guitar and sings to him.  He gets really excited.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

So I love getting blog updates straight to my phone. That net thing is really cool and Max is a super chunk.

Bonnie B said...

Hi!! I so luv Max!! He so looks like your kid. You need to put a baby pic of you up. And I want to see what you like! JUST DO IT! =)