Thursday, May 20, 2010

15 weeks and counting

I'll be 6 months pregnant on June 3rd and that makes me happy.  These 6 months have flown by but taken forever at the same time.  I am a little upset with myself.  After gaining a total of 40 lbs with Max I promised myself I would only stick to 30 with the next one.  Yeah right !  I just had a dr's appointment today and I'm already up 22 lbs.  What the heck???  At this rate I am right on track to another 40lbs.  It makes it even worse cause I read my brother Kirk's blog and my sis in law Bonnie just ran a marathon and her body is amazing.  AND she's had 4 kids.  I hate her for it but at the same time she keeps me motivated to get back in shape after Molly is born.  I never really got in shape after Max was born.  I lost all my weight, but the second I did my pregnancy test was positive.  We all know how much Shalene likes to eat so it wasn't hard to gain the weight pretty quick.  Filiberto's has been had at least 5 times since.  I'm back on the bagels, cereal, toast and sub sandwiches.  AND always craving chicken wings and Pizza.  I hate it.  Oh well, 3 months left on this prego road.  I told Jim that we HAVE to wait at least a year before getting pregnant again.  I just want to get back into cute jeans and cute shirts.  I rotate the same 4 maternity shirts and the pants all make you look 5 times as fat as you already are.  There is nothing cute about a big girl getting bigger.  :(  Anyway, here is what has been going on with us.

Max is being super funny.  He crawls everywhere, stands everywhere and thinks he's really funny.  He's starting to get an attitude.  He likes to be a BIG BOY and stand on his own.  I don't think he'll be walking for a while, but he is a good stander.  He's got 1 tooth so far but can tell he's miserable at times feeling others come up.  He's a good picture taker.  Everytime the camera comes out he is ready for smiles.  Jim and I are pretty head over heels with him.  Sometimes we'll just look at him and wonder how we made such a cute baby.  I hope Molly is just as cute.  I kind of hope they look like twins but hope she has curly hair and girly parts.  Max is also scared of this froggy pool we bought for him.  We thought it would be fun for him until the pool got warm enough, but he is scared to death of it.  We cant figure it out.  He's also scared of Jim when he puts on his motorcycle helmet.  He does not like it all and starts to cry.  Then he takes the helmet off and Max will smile.

Jim's 29th BIRTHDAY is on Saturday.  He's getting so old.  I mean not as old as me, but he's pushing 30. His new past time is the PS3 and golf.  Him and Michael (bro in law) go about once a week.  Jim almost killed a guy on the course by hitting the golf ball right to his head.  Little do you know the guy was no where near the ball was supposed to be the hole.  But Im sure Jim is really good at the game.  The nights where I head off to bed early so I can wake up at 4:30am to go to work, he spends his nights in front of the TV killing people.  That is he's playing Modern Warfare on the PS3.  He is becoming addicted.  Besides all that, he is being a good daddy.  Getting Max ready in the morning, feeding him, changing his diapers and getting him dressed.  He drops him off at the babysitter and manages to get to work on time.  Max loves his daddy so much !

I am still working 3 days a week at Bank of America.  It's nice to have this job still.  It's helping us not be poor.  I talked Jim into getting a bigger car because the car we bought right before Max was born is too small.  I can't stand it.  It's a Mazda 3 and while it's a really nice car and get's good gas mileage, the back seat is really, really small.  I told him there was no way 2 car seats are going to fit back there.  So even though we have our family car now, we don't even drive it.  Jim says I have to wait till Molly is here so we don't waste gas.  Which I am okay with.  We haven't sold any of our cars yet so we have 4 cars in our driveway and 2 motorcycles.  My motorcycle which hasn't been  driven in months is collecting dust.  Along with Jim's 71' Volare.  All which work yet only 2 drivers.   We are weird.  We managed to also make a budget this month.  We categorized our money in 5 different areas.  We were NOT allowed to go over.  Once the money was spent, it was spent.  In the past we blow our budget and say "screw it" about the 10th of every month.  BUT...this month is different.  It's now the 20th and we are still in budget in all categories.  I did take from my personal savings for Jim's present and birthday festivities, but everything else is in check.  Im really proud of myself.  Jim doesn't spend money anyways so it wasn't hard for him.  It really does make you aware of how much money you spend on things.  Useless things.  Our most common transaction is $1.71.  Can anyone take a guess on what we buy?  Yep, TWO 44oz swigs from Circle K.  $.85/piece for a total of $1.71.  I love this habit.  This might be my favorite one that I have.   
     Mother's day was nice.  Max and Jim got me flowers and some perfume and made me pancakes in the morning.  We ended up having a nice dinner for my Mom and Brock and Jesica's house.  

        I'm starting to get varicose veins.  I'm not sure if that is how you spell it but I am getting them.  I've had little spider veins here and there since college, but they are getting out of control now.  Some are purple and some are blue and I have a MONSTER one running down my inner thigh.  I think it's the after math of having Max.  Along with thinning hair and large love handles.  Oh and about an inch thicker through the middle section (not being pregnant).  
       Well, that is our life in a nutshell for now.  Hopefully the next post we'll have cooler things to share.


Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha you make me laugh. I'm glad you've posted two posts in like 2 days because I like hearing how you're doing considering we haven't seen each other in ALMOST A YEAR. Do you hear me? Seriously. It has been that long. Collin will be 10 months on the 2 (which is how I measure time) so that means it has been too long.

When you were talking about Max being afraid of Jim with his motorcycle helmet on it made me laugh. And then I saw the picture and it made me laugh harder. ha ha that's cute.

And I'm sure you look gorgeous with your cute little belly so stop saying you're fat you weirdo.

And finally - about the car. If you want to trade, we'd be more than happy. We're still trying to survive with my Celica. Try fitting just ONE baby seat in that car! (Let me just tell you that I'm practically sitting on the dashboard since Collin's seat is behind me and it won't fit if I lean the seat back. And since he's so small at the rate we're going, he'll be sitting rear facing for like 5 years so I don't see things changing anytime soon).

Anyway, thanks for the update! I'm glad you guys are doing well!!

Bonnie and Kirk said...

You are hilarious!! First, you aren't fat. 40 lbs is a respectable weight gain especially when you are as thin as you are at the beginning. So don't be so hard on yourself. You look terrific! And, sorry about the varicose veins. At least they are in your you-know-what yet. That is really lovely!!

Candice and Steve said...

You're funny!

Bobbi said...

Varicose veins genes- I know where you got them!(sorry)

Max makes me laugh in every single picture. Such a character!!

Um---- you said Molly- don't you already have a Molly in your family?