Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Not only was this day great because it honor's those who have fought for our country, but Jim and I had the day off from work.  Max and I walked to the cemetary at 8:00am and met my Mom and Dad to visit my Grandpa Huffaker's grave. Jim met us there on his motorcycle. (I needed the exercise)  Our cousins ended up showing up a few minutes later.  So I took there picture cause I always have my camera on hand.  Our family also got together and had a BBQ.  When we were kids we used to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Huffaker's house every Memorial Day and 4th of July and BBQ and swim till it was dark.  Grandpa would cook the hamburgers and it was a tradition we did every year.  Since Grandma and Grandpa have passed we haven't continued on with this tradition.  My mom decided that we should carry on and BBQ.  So we all got together at my house and had a bunch of fun.  Not as much fun as I remember as a kid, but it was still a good time.  Nothing says BBQ like, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, chips, soda, deviled eggs and homeade icecream.
Grandpa Huffaker's grave site

Cody, Mack, Lori, Jaxson, Darin, Tracy, Chelsea and Jacoby Huffaker

Dad grillin

Max happy swimming

Max not happy while getting dunked under water by Daddy.

Max and Dolly extremly not happy being in the froggy floaty

Kyle and Fenix

So Eric's Kim, me and my Mom (and Max) got together and had a sewing day.  We each brought something to work on and our machines.  I brought an old skirt that Calli made in highschool that she didn't quite sew right and never wore.  I cut it up and made a dress for Molly.  Max was feeling left out and really liked the dress.  So I had to snap a photo of it.  I hope Molly really looks like this.  Jim was pretty upset that I did this to Max and then took a picture for proof.  He wanted to delete the picture.  I thought it was great.


Candice and Steve said...

You are so good at putting just the best pictures of events. I love all the Memorial Day pics. But I must agree with Jim - that was so wrong of you to put Max and the dress pic out there. But it's true, if Molly looks like this she will be so cute!

Steven Palmer said...

I love the dress! I am sure Max will love this picture when he gets older! Molly is going to be sooo cute!

Bobbi said...

Ask Klete about being in a dress.... remember you and Kisha dressing him up for the "play's"..... We still get a chuckle when we see those pics.