Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A real update. but still not that interesting

Max is starting to take steps. He only has taken 1 or 2, but its a start. He went to his 9 month check up last week. (even though he is 10 months) He weighs 23 lbs!! Such a big boy. He knows how to clap, throw his arms up in the air when we say "touch down" and he can give fives. He still needs work on "bye bye" but Im sure it's right around the corner. He loves to walk on this walker toy we got for him. He cruises now. He has 3 teeth on the bottom and has another 2 growing on top. They aren't all the way in yet. Maybe this is why he wont sleep through the night anymore:( His eating habits aren't as good as I'd like them to be. He only will eat certain things. I didn't know they were already picky at this age. He loves cheese, bread, icecream and soda. He is okay with eating fruit, but the veggie thing he is not down with. Hopefully one day he'll be better.

Jim is just working, bringing home the bacon. He enjoys his nightly video game playing ritual. He has been even more of a "Mr. Mom" lately since I never feel good. I mean not that I am so lazy nothing ever gets done, but he will help with the dishes and he helps a ton with Max. I have grown to become even more impatient lately with Max. He has to step in. When he is impatient with Max, I can usually step in and handle the situation. So it's working out pretty good. He has also been trying to help me get things ready for when Molly comes. He doesn't have any opinions on colors and blanket choices and "cute" things so I know he gets irritated when I ask. He's come to realize that I am extremely high maintenance when I ask for white blinds since we bought a white crib. I mean you can't have a white crib with brown blinds?????? 
I am growing more tired by the day. My varicose veins are out of control and are popping up in places that I need not say. I can barely sit and stand without having my eyes roll in the back of my head. The pressure that Molly is putting on all my internal goods is a little much. Max didn't do this to me. I can barely get up in the morning to go to work. I swear I'm 30 minutes late every day. BUT, only 8 more weeks of work and I am officially on maternity leave. That does not include the week I am taking off to go to New York and the week I'll be at girls camp. This should be interesting going camping at 8 months pregnant. Not only that but being on a plane for 3+ hours to New York. I can only imagine how swollen I will get. So you know...with the exception of my legs being all "veined up" and I really mean this. They look like 75 yr old legs now. Anyway, with the exception of the legs and the swolleness of my entire you know what, we are all doing pretty good. Just waiting for Molly to come and mess it all up!!! haha Im joking. We are so excited for her to come! 10 weeks and counting! The picture above is of my sister Calli and sis-in law Jesica.  We all went to Oregano's for Jesica's birthday!



Bonnie and Kirk said...

I'm so sorry about the veins... ouch!! There are definitely things about pregnancy that are unpleasant, painful and just hard. Hang in there. Just think of relaxing on the beach on Lake George in three weeks!! Yay!

Candace said...

I'm not quite as far along as you, but we just got back from the Bahamas, and you should most definenty prepare for your legs to swell on the plane ride :( Especially your feet, your toes will look like vienna sausages. The only thing I found that even remotely helped was being the annoying person that walked the aisles almost the entire flight.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

How is it possible to get impatient with a 9 month old munchkin as cute as yours??? Probably the DNA???

Brenden+Nikki said...

I seriously can't believe you're going to girls camp at 8 months pregnant. I'm hurting for you already.