Friday, August 27, 2010

Molly, It's time.

I'm to the point in this pregnancy where it's time to have this baby.  I'm so big moving is a task.  Jim's T-shirts are becoming too small and I don't have any more clothes to wear.  We just finished Molly's room and besides her being here, I think we're ready.  Mentally ready? No, of course not.  Our home however, is.  Max and his sleeping habits have been much of a task the past month.  However, I think his sleep is good enough.  He still cries every time we put him down to go "night night", but anywhere from 2-20 minutes he falls asleep and sleeps sound through the night.  Which was NOT happening for the past few months.  I don't know what it was, but since about 8 months, he wanted to wake up 1-2 times a night.  It was really frustrating and with Molly on the way we knew we had to fix it.  We have him potty trained as well.   He sits on the big boy potty and does his business all by himself.

Just kidding.  hahaha, wouldn't that be the most amazing thing you ever heard of?  

I went to bed last night at 8:45 a little depressed.  As most of you know Molly has given me quite the gift this pregnancy of varicose veins.  I'm not talking about one or two spider veins.  I'm talking like mamma jamma big blue veins running in and out of my legs, thighs and other places.  My legs look like battle wounds.  So last night as I was investigating my pregnant body,  I stumbled upon some stretch marks on the bottom of my stomach.  I went into a panic.  Max didn't give me any stretch marks and I thought I was off the hook forever.  Oh no, I now have them and if I don't have this baby soon, who knows how many more I will get.  My sister asked me this morning..."look at Max, don't you think they are worth it?"  And that is it....They are worth it.  Every scar, every pain, every push and every tear.  So with all my nasty veins and stretch marks, Molly is worth all of it.  As women, I think we go through so much to bear these little boo boo's that these veins and marks are our trophies.  I know I probably won't look at them this way when I look into the mirror, but they are.  We went through hell and back(sometimes we come back) to bring these little one's here.  I've been thinking about it and I think we rock.  We are all rockstars.  Some more than me, but I'll include myself for now. haha

So cross your fingers that Molly comes this week !!


Candice and Steve said...

Just try to catch up to my varicose veins! When you get all grown up and you aren't going to have any more little boo boo's, you can get them "sort of" fixed like I did. And the rest of the spider veins that didn't go away? Oh well....I just look at the great kids I have and I don't even care (well, I do a little) :)

Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha I seriously almost pooped my pants when you said Max was potty trained. I read it out loud to Brenden and was like "how on earth did they do that!? Max is a genius!" And then I thought about having you come over to teach me how to potty train a 13 month old. That was all before I got to the next sentence. :). Either way though, Max is still a little genius. I love him. And I can't wait to see Molly. Good luck Shalene (her room looks fantastic by the way). And welcome to the stretch mark world. I can show you mine if it will make you feel better. I didn't get vericose veins with Collin, but I got stretch marks that are almost 1/2 an inch in diameter so maybe you won't feel so alone :). You're beautiful no matter what. And Molly WILL come early....or at least on time. 5 days to go! WOOT WOOT!

Bobbi said...

Did you give Max another haircut? DANG CUTE!! It looks shorter and he looks so boyish! Ready to be a big brother. You know you've started the "M" thing now. Hope you have some other cute "M" names! Max, Molly, then Matilda, Martha, Madonna, Manuel, Maynard, Maurice, Moses!!! [hahaha]

Good luck, tell Jim to send me a text when she arrives!

Steven and Kami Palmer said...

I was also REALLY jealous when you said Max was potty trained!! I understand how you feel about the stretch marks! Jake gave me all of mine and although they are just not cute it was well worth every one of them! I am praying that Molly comes soon for you and that labor isn't too bad :) Good luck and we are excited to see her. (When Molly comes please bring Max over to our house, call us at anytime we will take him!)