Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that help me get through my day....

So for anyone that actually reads my blog, I apologize.  I don't blog so everyone can have an update on my life.  I blog because at the end of the year, I print my blog into a book to keep as a "scrapbook" or "journal entry" for the year.  I make sure to blog on everything we do and somewhat of how I am feeling at that certain point.  So if I seem depressed or overly excited it's only because I write exactly how I feel so I can read about it later and years from now to remember.  So don't think I'm crazy for being so "open".

So for the last 2 and a half weeks I can honestly say I've been so bored.  Extremely busy changing diapers and feeding and trying to entertain Max, but bored out of my mind.  I want to go somewhere but the effort that it would take just leaves me at home all day.  I went to go pick up Max from my friend Kami's house on Tuesday with the intentions of going somewhere after.  I ended up in my driveway with the car still on just sitting there.  I texted Jim "where should I go"?.  He text back "I'm of no help".  So I sat in my car for another 5 minutes and ended up going inside for the rest of the day.  It's tough taking care of 2 babies and I can't imagine doing this again when Molly is a year.  Well, I WONT be doing it again.  It's been kind of a nightmare.  Everyone says it will be nice when they are older.  We shall see.....haha

Anyway, today I was trying to think about all the things that make me smile.  Because I haven't been doing much of that lately.

Molly sleeping.  As much as I like to see her cute face, I love when she's asleep.  I can re-gain some sanity I still have left.

My cutest little guy ever.  This was taken before I sent him off to church with Jim.  So handsome.

This Moses basket was a gift from Bobbi for Molly.  When Molly is awake and not using it, Max likes to lounge in it.  We call it his boat.  He makes me laugh.

My morning beverage.  Such happiness should be restricted.  It's the only thing that gets me through my day.  There is nothing better than waking up and hearing that pop can crack open.  What would I do without it?

My friend Stacey. She calls and checks in with me almost every day to see how I am doing. Being a Mom of 2, she knows what I am going through with 2 little babies. I am at home all day talking to babies so it's nice to have someone that is an adult to talk to. It's nice to have a good friend. Hopefully I can learn from her and return the favor.

The church.  I have made so many friends in my ward and since I am in Young Women's I have a lot of little friends too.  The girls are so awesome and "good" girls.  They are all just great.  All the leaders that I work with are so cool too.  It makes my calling so much fun...(and going to church).  Knowing the"plan" makes every day worth it for me.  When I think of the eternal family it just makes me think of my kids differently.  It comforts me to know that by living the gospel and doing what I should be, everything will be ok.  Maybe not the way I hoped for and definitely not perfect, but it will be ok.

Got to love girls camp!  My Miamaids LeAndra and Emma

And LAST, but definitely not super hot husband Jim.  He is there for me when I am crying my eyes out or when I am having a freak attack and reassures me that everything will be fine.  He never worries about a thing.  He puts up with me when I've gone a week without putting make-up on or even getting dressed.  He listens to me complain about everything and somehow still loves me.  He honors his Priesthood and fulfills his calling and is the best Dad I could ask for.  When he walks through the door from working all day, he doesn't complain about changing Molly's diaper or holding her because she's screaming.  He just does it all.  I married the greatest guy!!   And look how hot he is? (even if that was 4 years ago)...haha


Melinda said...

I love that you still need your Mountain Dew to suvive. Somehow I've turned into a Pepsi freak!!?? I'll never forget our daily excuses to leave spanish class and go get our big slams!! Oh and shock tarts!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

shalene! cam's wife, cami here! im adding all the huffaker's to my blog list...seeing all the blogs from your cool, cool family has.
i luv this post, because, it is RELATABLE!
2 is a hard transition. three for me was much easier (because the older two are playing together :)
hang in there, down the dew (for me its diet cherry pepsi) and next time you are sitting in the drive-way, head to a near by target, grab a drink and some popcorn at their little food station and browse...through the dollar section, sometimes you can find some cute, cheap t-shirts, and its sure to pass at least an hour :)
ps she is a DOLL! her hair is to die for!
pss we all have are not alone, in fact i would consider you very, very normal and honest!
psss her room is to die for!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Um duh! If you're bored sitting in your driveway come over to my house! You can stop by anytime you want to! And Max can slap Collin on his head all day (Collin doesn't seem to mind) and we can visit! Or we can go somewhere! Or when it gets cooler we can go for a stroll! I'm always looking for reasons to get out of the house. Being inside drives me and Collin nuts.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

One day at a time!! But definitely try to enjoy the moment... and when you can't the motto can be "it is what it is". It just all goes by so fast and they aren't newborns for very long. And when they aren't anymore, you'll miss it... the way they smell, their soft skin, every little face they make. It's so intense, but try to enjoy the crazy ride! We love you!!

kisha said...

K! i don't know how many times I have done this exact thing! Sometimes I'll just drive thru Sonic or around the neighborhood because my kids are both quiet and restrained to their carseats! Ahhh! So nice! Please come see me next time. Call me! You said you would. Let's hang out soon!

Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Well. I do know how you feel about being bored during the day! It is very very hard! I have learned to love going on walks, and trying to set up play dates or something each day or going to a park. Bryce loves playing outside. It is especially hard not being near family, when I could always go visit with them if all else fails or them visit me. but not now. so I am stuck with figuring this thing out on my own. And in February I will get a taste of the 2 kid boredom blues like you! If you have any more advice... please advice! Also, if you guys need a vacation... Texas is so beautiful right now! Nice and cool! Come visit!