Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 week mark. :)

Yes, I had my dr's appointment today since it has been 6 weeks since Molly was born.    He gave me the OK to resume marital activities.  (which makes Jim really happy).  I had to decide on the spot what kind of birth control I wanted.  I had no idea what I wanted since obviously we didn't use any last time. (hello Molly!) So many decisions.  I just told the doctor to put me on whatever was 150% effective. 

 I like the 6 week mark.  Both Max and Molly were more mature.  They eat and sleep better and cry a little less.  They start to hold their head up all the time and they can smile.  Not only are they better, but I feel better.   

So, I wanted a family picture of all 4 of us and this is what I got.  I think it's fantastic.    What you didn't see is Max pushing Molly's face away cause he was super annoyed.  Actually, more like shoving her face away from him.  

This was our 2nd attempt at a picture.  Max was super mad that Molly had to sit in his lap.
 Max likes to find Molly's hair bows and try to put it on her head.  It ends up usually right on top or in her lap.  It's cute that he tries.
 Molly can SMILE!!  She has been smiling like crazy as of the past week.  She's been "cooing" and making noises other than screaming.  It's super cute.  Jim and I love it!!
 In about a week or 2 she will finally be ready for the BUMBO.  We gave it shot but you can tell she gets tired of holding her head up and then she gives up.
Molly has hit the 6 week mark.  Things are getting better each day.  She is sleeping through the night which makes mommy super happy.  She weighs probably 12 lbs by now.  At her 4 week appt she weighed 11.6 lbs.  She's in the 97th percentile in height and weight.  Jim is super excited, but I'm more like, "aren't girls supposed to be petite"? ha ha...She will probably be a big girl like her Mom :(


Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! Molly is so adorable! And I LOVE the family pictures! It makes we want to take cool real fun family pictures! Excited for all the many joys of having 2 kids close together!

Tiffany said...

Wow can't believe she is already 6 weeks and I have yet to see her! Missed you guys last weekend for pizza and ice cream!

Bonnie and Kirk said...

I like this post...it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...what a doll you have...wish I was there to see her...when are you blessing her???