Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween started this year with a party on Friday night at my folks house.  The whole family came over all dressed up.  We each were given an assignment with something to bring.  It was all "scary" food.  I had SLIMEY WORMS and candy corn cupcakes.  This was basically cut up boiled hot dogs mixed with bbq sauce on a bun.  When you boiled the sliced hot dogs it made them curl a bit and look like worms.  So everyone had something that looked scary  So even though the food looked  cool, it was all just nasty.  Except for the mummy's.  Which were pigs in a blankets with eyes.  Those were good.  We ended up ordering a couple of pizza's from Hungry Howies ! Don't tell my mom cause it will hurt her feelings.  But it was fun to make the food!!  Jim and I were Zombies, Max was a spider and Molly was a bee.  I was so impressed that my Mom and Dad actually dressed up this year.  They looked awesome.  Minus my Dad's chest hair.  Here are the pumpkins we carved.  I carved a cat and Jim carved "R.I.P."

Saturday morning we did the walk for Juvenile Diabetes.  We walked it with our friend Stacey and her son Ethan.  It was a hot day and we all got sunburned.  It was a good time and it was for a good cause.  We were part of the "E" team.

Saturday we went to our ward party.  Ate some pie and left. Max had fun running around the gym and seeing all the other kids dressed up.  We decided to go with a family theme.  Jim was a referre, Max and I were football players and Molly was the cheerleader.  Of course it was for the Bronco's team. (cause they are so good ) yeah right!..haha  Jim will get mad at me once he reads this.  Our night ended up at my folks house again and taking Max trick-or-treating a bit and seeing his cousins once again.  My dad got pneumonia that day but he still managed to ride his Harley down the street with Pete on the back.  Pete is a life size skeleton that he fastens to his motorcycle during the Halloween season.  It's really funny.  The kids fell asleep on the way home and went right to bed.  It was nice.

Molly's outfit was a bit small.  I made it too small and didn't want to make a new one so I made it fit her. She hated it all night.  I had an orange netted skirt to go under the blue one, but it kept itching her and she was crying so I had to take it off.  It made me so sad.

 Of course Max didn't wear the helmet.  I made him wear it for most of the pictures.  He hated it and ended up smearing his black paint under his eyes in all directions.

Notice the picture peeker in the back!!!


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Well...I am officially jealous of your life. It would be so cool to hang out with the family and all of the cousins and Mom and Dad...we had fun and all, but surely Halloween with the AZ Huff clan is where it's at.

Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Love the costumes and holiday fun! Happy Halloween!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Ha ha I love the costumes! And I love Molly's chunky little legs. You have beautiful kids! And you and Jim are beautiful too :)

Cath said...

Love the pictures of the whole fam! And your kids let you hold them (dressed as zombies!) Wow. You guys looked awesome. Looks like it was a great halloween!

Calli O. said...

Ok, your bronco crew is freakin cute! I wish I could have seen it in real life.... LOVE IT

Shelli said...

Hey, guys!! Your family is adorable! Congrats on that beautiful Molly! Those two kiddos are just the cutest!! Love the Halloween pics. Your costumes were terrific. Candice looks pretty darn amazing... Brock and Jessica were slightly disturbing, (haha!!) What a great time together as family. Wish we were all closer!