Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Molly's blessing day 11/7/2010

Jim blessed Molly and it was beautiful. She looked so pretty! Grandma and Grandpa Barainca came into town and so did Uncle Kirk.

 We had our YW retreat in Heber, AZ this past weekend.  We stayed at Bishop's cabin and then went to Snowflake to do baptism's for the dead.  The YW had a blast and so did I.  

I was in the kitchen cleaning up and came into the family room and this is what I found.  My sister says that he is learning from our bad habits.  I say "what bad habit"?  This is a habit, but definitely not bad.  For Max, I don't like giving him caffeine, but this once wont kill him.  He's a silly bear.


Cath said...

What a wonderful family event! I love seeing pictures of the clan. And Molly is darling. A beautiful day!

Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! Congrats on the wonderful blessing to Molly! Max is very cute! Bryce would do the same thing! He loves straws and drinking from cups that have them!

Melinda said...

I can't believe you were in snowflake and didnt call me!!! We are like 2 seconds from the temple! Next time you better call me! Your kids are so stinkin cute!

Stace said...

I love Max drinking your swig...I don't let E drink soda either but Melissa caught him the other day underneath her coffee table going to town with my cup!!! He used to call it Mommy's Water, but now he knows it's way better than that water crap!!!