Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Jesus

I had the opportunity to teach the Christmas lesson in Young Women's today.  It gave me the opportunity to reflect on Christmas and Jesus Christ.  There are those few times that I do every year during Christmas, which is sad, but I have felt the spirit of Christ much more already this year.  I think now that I have kids it touches me a ton more to watch and read of the Nativity scene.  I wish I could be there to witness the spirit there in the manger.  I wish I could hold Mary's hand and watch Baby Jesus be born.  I look at my little baby girl and can't even imagine how much love Mary had for this baby.  It truly touches me so much more.

I went to the Christian Dance Company's production at Mesa high last night.  It goes to show you that through dancing and music you can touch someone.  The spirit was felt so strong last night.  They danced from the birth to the death of Jesus Christ.  I was crying, my Dad who was sitting next to me was crying.  My Mom and sister were both dancing in the show as a Grandmother and a Mother.

I get caught up in the world at Christmas and a part of me wants to take everything back.  The presents, the treats, the parties, the ornaments, the gift wrap and all the Christmas carols.  I want my kids to know how special of a season this is.  To know the greatest gift we have ever been given.  To celebrate the birth of our  Savior.  He was born, lived and died for every single one of us.  Christmas is for Baby Jesus and I hope that I can always remember that and that only.


Brenden+Nikki said...

So true! Love it. And don't feel bad - I cried while the congregation sang "Silent Night" yesterday.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

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