Thursday, December 16, 2010

My top 10...or 11 things at Christmas

I love sparkly things anyway, but Christmas lights and Christmas time is the best.  We dont' have a ton on our house but we have them.  And I make sure they are inside the house too. 
10. Christmas Pajamas
You have to open jammies on Christmas Eve.  My mom ended the tradition.  I guess now that I'm 31 this is ok, but I'm still dissapointed I dont get any on Christmas Eve.  It's ok, Jim and I are going to continue this with our kids.  This year they are going to get matching Xmas cute!!  I won't be making them, I will be BUYING them. haha
Who doesn't love presents?  I do!  I love getting them and giving too.

Especially, Bing Crosby.  I'm so thankful for him and the fantastic music he has brought us at Christmas time.  I start the day after Thanksgiving and end on Christmas night.  I love it!  It's on in the car, at work and at home.  I even got Jim to somewhat like it this year. (he admitted)

Jim thinks this is the nastiest drink ever invented.  I LOVE IT!  I love when I start to see it in the stores.  I can drink the whole bottle myself.  I have to get the reduced fat bottle cause let's be has way too many calories.  To add, anything eggnog is fantastic.  Eggnog frozen yogurt....

I love baking at Christmas.  I usually make goodies for my friends and neighbors, but even more I like to receive goodies at my house.  If you don't gain 10lbs at Christmas, you have issues....

We haven't followed through with this tradition for the past 2 years, but it's coming back.  I can feel it.  We used to stay up tiil 3 in the morning singing.  Kirk usually carried this tradition, so hopefully we can bring it back this year.  Plus, Jim hasn't really been initiated have to sing a song by yourself in the Huffaker family.  If you don't.....well......

Once Halloween is here, Pumpkin pie is here and doesn't end until Christmas is over.  You need one at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and a few times in between.

For those of you that have a fake tree in your home, this is the most fantastic smell to buy.  You walk in your house and you think you have a real tree.  It's the best, I promise you!!

My favorite thing is the decorate the tree.  I usually have a different theme ever year.  This year is all GOLD.  I don't know what I'm going to do when my kids start bringing me home homeade ornaments...what am I going to do with them?  They can't go on MY tree?  hahaha

Remember the birth of our Savior and being able to celebrate it makes Christmas.  I do get caught up in the worldly side of Christmas, but I always remember to take a step back.  This picture was in the Ensign this month and it made me gasp.  Not actually break down in tears, but close.  I think that being a Mom has made me more emotional when it comes to babies and life.  The birth of our Savior must have been amazing.  Imagine being there to witness it.  I can only imagine.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Bonnie absolutely hates eggnog...she can't tolerate it. It makes me sad because I love it. I miss the homemade stuff, I've never found a good recipe for it. Love eggnog. As far as Karaoke is concerned, you know where I stand...but I have a feeling everyone is going to wimp out. Oh...get the WHAM cover off your the real WHAM song, noone can imitate the OG version, its a classic.

Candice and Steve said...

I love your list! I agree with all of your choices. Christmas is great!