Friday, January 7, 2011

And it comes to an end......

Calli and I decided we wanted to get dressed up to go nowhere.  So I wont this fur coat in a Young Women's activity and have never worn it.  So I figured it was the perfect night for a fur coat. (and fishnet stockings)  We made our husbands dress up too.  Molly got to wear her tutu.  I really ended up just looking like an old drunk lady from the 80's.

 We wanted to go somewhere fancy, so we ended up at Chili's.  

 Beware of the scandalous picture below.  I can't believe they would do something like that.  So now it's on my blog. haha
 We stopped by my brother Eric's house afterward since we didn't feel like driving all over the place.  We felt bad because they just put their kids to bed and they were getting ready to watch a movie with just the two of them.  So we busted in on their party......

Michael and Calli
 Kim and Eric
 Me and Jim 
 Max trying to figure out why there is nothing in the glass.
 All of us toasting at midnight while watching the ball drop.  Nothing like good ol' Martinelli's.  Well there is much better stuff but for us mormon's I guess it works :( haha
 Molly wearing ear muffs.
 We ended up getting the kids out of bed and lighting off firecrackers.  This is Nash holding his ears.  Max hated the firecrackers, they were too loud for him.

We left on New Years day to Craig, CO to visit Jim's family.  We drove for 14 hours each way.  Surprising, our kids did awesome.  We threw a DVD in and they were good.

This is Max trying to shovel the drive way.  

Max hated the snow at first.  Then we just realized that he hated the boots and gloves.  
 We all went shooting.  I shot Jim's Glock for the first time.
 He thinks he is so cool.....
 We came home to our sleepy bear
Both the red baron's on Grandma B.
 Rochelle (Jim's sister) and the kids.
 Grandma B and Molly

 Our pitiful snowman.  The snow wasn't good so Jim could only make a tiny one.

 Molly giving the snowman huggies.

 Max looking at the snowman
 Max giving the snowman "wackies"....his head fell off.
All in all, we had a good holiday.  Since Kirk and his family were in town, we had our family pics done.  The camera battery was dying so we only had 2 takes.  Not so bad considering there is 14 grandkids.


Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Glad you guys had an awesome New Year's and after! That is so cute Max shoveling the snow! And Molly is so cute! Glad that hear that the DVD worked for driving! For our family gift this year we got ourselves DVD player/screens for the car. Because our last 2 hour trip to Dallas was horrible for Bryce. I am hoping the DVD player works well!

Candice and Steve said...

I'm so glad I can go to your blog to see what our family does. I can't seem to take any pictures or get them posted. :)

Cath said...

Such fun Huffaker family pics. And I have to say - your zebra, red-tipped heels for NY's Eve are stunning. Love them!