Friday, February 25, 2011

The Tazmanian Devil

Yes, I am talking about Max.  I feel like he is here then there in a second.  One second he is standing in the drive way and the next he is across the street at the neighbor's.  I've been super lucky many times that Max has not been hit by a car.  I know better than to turn my head for more than a second.  Jim is much better than keeping an eye on him.  I need to get better and get better fast.  I know my neighbor's think I am such a horrible Mom.  I let him play in the front yard while I do yard work and I am constantly yelling at him and telling him no.  He always seems to find his way down the street or across the street.  Even when I am watching him.  He's super fast and that is really dangerous.

Max also like to throw everything. This is something he has learned to do since he was about 1.  We taught him how to throw and now he throws everything.  He really does have an arm which makes Jim really happy.  Only because he dreams of Max either being a professional baseball player or an NFL football player.  He can throw straight to your hands from across the room.  The downfall to this...............
Yes, he threw one of Molly's toys right at my face.  I wasn't paying attention and then BAM.  You could tell he felt bad so I couldn't get mad at him.  But yes it really hurt and didn't stop bleeding for 20 minutes.  I told him he couldn't throw anything anymore.    I didn't get mad until about 25 minutes later he threw one of his blocks across the room.  I picked him up and threw him on his bed and shut the door.  Trying to help him understand that we don't throw ANYTHING.  He is not allowed to even throw balls anymore.  So every time he throws something he gets to go to his room and sit there till I am not mad anymore.  I can only imagine if he threw that at Molly.  OOhhhh, he would be in so much trouble.

Yes, Molly is getting the hang of holding her own bottle.  I can't wait until she masters this task.


Brenden+Nikki said...

Oh my gosh! Ouch! Aw I can just imagine Max feeling bad though :(

Molly is getting so big! Especially when she's next to Max.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

I'm glad you took a picture so you can remember!! Once when we were camping I woke up by being hit in the forehead by the lantern... the culprit was Jack. I swear I still have a scar between my eyes!!
Molly is SO cute!