Monday, April 4, 2011

almost time for a....... VACATION!

Yup, the countdown begins....I think we are on 7 weeks until our totally radical tropical vacation.  When we went 2 years ago, we said we would be back every other year.  Well, then we had 2 kids and didn't know if ever would go back.  Well, we decided we HAVE to go back...AND, without kids.  Even though I know I will cry every night because I miss my kids and worry about their safety, I am really looking forward to this vacation.  We had a good time back in 2009, but I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't do any of the excursions.  So this year we are going to blow a ton of money and have the time of our life.  My in-laws are so awesome.  They are driving down here to spend the week with our kids.  We figured our kids wouldn't be such turd's if they were able to be in their own surroundings.  I don't think they fully know the challenge they have a head of them, but we are so thankful for them doing this for us.  I thought about taking them with us, but the flight alone made me want to stab my eye out.  Max wouldn't make it ONE hour on a flight right now.  He has way to much energy.  So we'll just take them to California before the summer ends...this way we can just drive.

Almost EASTER.
I love Easter or the days around the holiday.  I didn't expect it to already hit 100 degree's and have to turn our A/C on but it happened.  I love trying to plant flowers in my yard and buying Easter outfits for the kids AND Jim.  I just can't wait.  Usually the flowers and plants end up dying because I am the worst gardner in the world.  I have faith that my bogenvilla's (I can't spell that) will survive and I will not kill them.

General Conference usually starts off the Easter season (with the exception of a few years).  We started a tradition of caramel pull aparts in the morning and continuously eating on the hour of every hour.  We didn't do a lot of watching or listening to conference with our kids running around so we'll have to re-watch it another day.  This is what we did instead....oh wait, we did nothing.

The yummiest, greatest things ever.  Caramel pull aparts.  Rhode's rolls, butterscotch pudding and BUTTER.  I had 3, Max had 2, Molly ate a 1/4 of one and Jim ate all the rest.

My kids just finishing their soda's.
Just kidding...I really don't give them soda.  They just love squishing the cans and throwing them around the house.  Nothing like pop stains on the carpet.

We didn't hang out with them on Sunday, but we did visit over the weekend. Adelaide Huffaker was born last week.  She is truly dreamy.

Brock........a new daddy.

When we go over to Brock and Jesica's house, Max only plays with their 2 dogs.  He will stay outside for hours just running around with them.  He love them.  And the dogs love Max.  We always joke that Max is being raised by the dogs and he is turning into one.  This is him when he finally wants to come inside.

Molly just hanging out in her underwear.


Brenden+Nikki said...

So.....where did your baby go? Because in that first picture it looks like you have two toddlers! I can't believe how big Molly is getting! I feel like she was just born yesterday!T They are both so cute though!

Have fun on vacation! I had to laugh when you said thinking of Max on the plane made you want to stab your eye out. We're taking BOTH kids to visit my Grandpa in Minnesota in June. Yeah...Minnesota. As in by plane. Wish me luck.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Ok, I'm so jealous. This is the 2nd time we aren't going. I'm excited for you guys though it'll be good for you to get away. I love the picture of Brock with Addy by the way. Also, the picture of Max? Classic... I love it!