Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

A day to celebrate your Mother.  What a fantastic concept.  It's almost like a second birthday if you train the special people in your life.  Max was such a good boy yesterday.  I think Jim told him in the wee hours of the morning that he had to be extra nice to me today.  His top 3 gifts to me today

1.  Changing his poopy diaper.  Once the diaper is off and bum is clean, Max runs away and does NOT want a new diaper back on.  I ask him nicely and say "please" come over to mommy and let her put a new diaper on him.  He walks over to me and lays down right by my feet and let's me put the new diaper on without a fuss.
2.  He sleeps the entire sacrament meeting.
3.  I told him to go to bed and go "night night".  He grabbed his blankie and walked right into his room, laid down on his bed and we didn't hear another peep from him.  I checked on him a while later and he was sound asleep.  Amazing!!!

Jim got me some flowers.  I enjoyed them as I always do.  Max and Molly some how typed me a card and let me know how much they loved me.  It was super duper cute.  Jim also told me that he love me more than Pat Sajak loves Wheel of Fortune.  That must be a lot.  I am one lucky Mommy.

Calli and I ended up making my Mom dinner.  Fish and chicken tacos with rice and beans.  Turned out pretty good.  Especially the chocolate cake for dessert made by Jesica.

To my  2 Mom's (Candice and Phyllis) I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.  I hope you know how much not only I, but my family loves you and appreciates all the things you do as our Mom and their Grandma.  Cant wait to see you!!!  I think the countdown is 10 days.

Max building blocks with his eyes closed. haha

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Candice and Steve said...

Thank you Shalene for the nice dinner and I love the gift. Used some of that lotion today! You're an awesome daughter and I love you as much as you love your little munchkins. (Must still be thinking about Wizard of Oz. Ha!) I'm so proud of the great mother you are. I love you......