Monday, July 11, 2011

3 years married

YES, it's been 3 long years.  Seems like much longer....

Jim and I went to Las Vegas the weekend before the 4th of July.  Jim's friend was turning 30 and a bunch of people went to Vegas to help him celebrate.  We were only there about 24 hours, but it was still fun just to get away for a night.  I met up with my college friend Melissa who lives there.  We got to spend about an hour with each other.  Not enough time....

Jim, Adam, Pat and Ian

For the 4th of July a few family members came over and we barbequed and swam.  It was so hot, but we still had fun.  Once the sun went down we set off our own fire works.

Adelaide (my niece)  in her so cute swim outfit.

Jes and her Mom holding Molly and Addy 

Molly being such a big girl and eating all by herself. 

Since Max is turning 2 in a month I thought I would try to see if he was ready for some potty training action.  After 2 days, a few pairs of wet underwear, Pee on the sofa, the floor, a book and Molly's leg, I decided he's not ready yet.  We'll try in a few months. haha

Jim and I celebrated our anniversary of 3 years being married.  He took me to this restaurant down town called De La Cruz.  It was a different atmosphere but very interesting.  Unfortunately I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom.  I felt really bad for Jim.  We got a babysitter and we were home alone.  The only problem I was in the bathroom and he was waiting in the other room.  Whatever I was sick from lasted all night and I just had to sleep it off.  It was a bummer anniversary for sure.  I didn't even get a picture of us like I would have liked to and have in the past.  I'm upset about it.  Jim bought me a new camera and I got him a cup holder for his motorcycle.  Both fantastic gifts.....

They had Flamenco dancing and a live spanish guitarist. 

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Tyson and Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha, we did the same thing with trying to Potty Train Bryce! Either it takes more time and patience or he isnt ready. either way i gave up trying for now =)