Thursday, August 18, 2011

Max turns 2 and why can't we win the lottery?

My little bear is already 2.  I hope today was fun for him.  He got to play in the fountains at Riverview, eat some birthday cake and opened lots of presents.  He loves his Mr. Potato Head and is learning how to ride is tricycle.  He hasn't quite figured out the petals.

On a sad note.  We had put an offer on a totally rad house a week ago.  I had picked out exactly what I was going to do with it.  Colors in the front room, rock removal in the front yard and thinking about all the awesome parties and gatherings we would have in the back yard.  Oh and one more thing.  A $450 cheaper mortgage payment.  BUT....they accepted someone else's offer and we don't get to live their anymore.  I'm not gonna lie, I am pretty sad about it.  It would have been our "family " home big enough for all 15 of us.  That is when we have our 13 kids. (or 4)

Oh well, back to dreaming about living in my current 1350 square foot home and never getting to leave or sell.  I guess that is what happens when you are underwater a good $60,000.  On a good note, at least we still have our down payment $$$$.  Maybe I should just quit work and live off that.  hahahahaha but serious.

Back to the question.  Can't we just win the lottery?  They say money can't buy happiness.  But I say, if you are already happy and are not totally stupid with money, it truly can buy all the happiness in the world.  Both of us working is not cutting it.  We just want lot's and lot's of money and can't make it fast enough.  I keep telling Jim to get on a game show....He just isn't motivated enough to try.  hahahah

at least I have really cute kids. (and husband)

I am 2 !!!

Molly making herself sick from so much cake!!!

His new favorite toy.  Loves the Mr. Potato Head.  Probably because he still loves Toy Story.

Max got some books from Grandma Barainca.  His favorite!!!!

Grandma Barainca bought Max a Train conductor outfit.  The wood block he is holding makes a train sound when you blow into it.  He thought it was super cool.

 It was my Dad's 60th birthday yesterday.  We threw him a surprise birthday party at Toby Keiths Bar and Grill.  We invited all the kids, his brother and sisters and some of his long time friends.  We all had a really good time.

Max's new tricycle.


Tiffany + Drew said...

Glad someone is updating while I sit here at midnight waiting for the lil one to go to sleep...

1. Me and Drew just had this conversation that we need to just win the lottery so we could have some money, it would help me with my happiness for sure! I'm sick of living in a 2bd/1bath house while working/schooling.

2. I really like your hair that red color!

3. I was hoping you were at a dance this last week so we could reminesce of the old dances.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Wow. I am a horrible, horrible aunt/sister-in-law. How did I miss Max's birthday? And why didnt you say something?! You can make it up to me by coming to visit me for 2 weeks. :) seriously though I feel so bad & I'm so sorry we missed that!

Candice and Steve said...

I really laughed at the comment about Jim going on a game show. That's a really great idea! Ha! Hey the pictures with Toby Keith look pretty cool. It was nice of Toby to come to the party. He's a big guy in real life :)

Brenden+Nikki said...

Here are were my thoughts as I was reading this post:

1. Max is 2!!! Our babies are two! Then I thought about our whole pregnancies together. And his ultrasound picture and I can't believe he's two already. He really is a good lookin' kid! Happy Birthday Max!

2. I feel trapped in our house too even though I don't own it. I just want to get the heck out of it.

3. She never has text me yet. I wonder if she doesn't want to hang out with me because I talk too much....

4. Wow. Jim totally looks like Toby Keith.

Brenden+Nikki said...

I can speak English. That was supposed to say "here were my thoughts as I was reading..."

Dumb phone.