Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Birthday.

At this point in my life it doesn't matter how old I am anymore.  I never could understand how someone could forget how old they were until now.  Up until a few months ago I though I was already 32 and would be turning 33.  Jim had to remind me that I would only be turning 32.  As much as being 32 sounds really old, it doesn't matter.  I feel 27.  So as long as I feel 27 I think I'm good for a few more years.  I see a little more wrinkles here and there and make up is a little more necessary these days.

We celebrated my birthday this year by going to TGI Friday's.  The food was just ok, but the balloon guy there was incredible.  Turns out he was some guy that graduated from Mesa High with Kyle.  He made the most amazing balloon people and animals.  I never spent so much $ on a balloon, but I think it was worth it just to see him make these balloons.  My actual birthday was on Sunday and we celebrated by ditching Stake Conference.  I told Jim that I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't  pull together enough patience to sit there for 2 hours trying to get my 2 kids to sit still.  Sacrament meeting alone is a challenge and I wonder how I make it through that one hour.  So, Jim agreed that we could stay home and have our own Barainca Stake Conference.  We learned about Jesus and watched a short film on why we are in debt to Him.  It was a severely lazy day and I never got out of my pjs.  We watched multiple episodes of Felicity because it is now on Netflix.  Then we finished off the night with the leftover oatmeal cake my mom made the night before.  The best cake ever!!

Max trying to copy Grandpa.
 Buzz Light Year

Jim got me flowers.
 and a wireless printer.
 and a foot scrubber.
 and a home made card.

More good stuff from the family.

 Tempe Town Lakes remembering 9/11

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