Monday, September 5, 2011

Molly turns 1

Yep, my baby is ONE.  She turned 1 yesterday and it doesn't even make sense.  I am not sure how this past year flew by.  She is walking everywhere and will copy things you tell her to do and is just getting so big.  I am extremely surprised that I am not pregnant with a 3rd one by now.  It's been nice to enjoy just my 2 kids and be able to get on my hands and knees and chase them around the house.  I remember when Max was this age I was almost 9 months pregnant and I couldn't play with him.  Sometimes I think having only 2 kids would be just fine.  I imagine Max and Molly getting older and it would be somewhat quiet and nice.  My Dad always says to have as many kids as you can afford.  And I always tell him I should take back the 2 kids I already have. (haha)  Seriously though as much as I want like 5 kids, I think 2 could work.

Anyway, sweet little Miss Molly is the cutest 1 year old around and we LOVE her so much.  Happy Birthday cute face!!

This is a cute little Apron that Jim's Mom made when Jim was just born.  She had a little one left and gave it to Molly.  It's super cute!

Molly opening up her presents from Grandma Barainca.

Her own cake to eat!!

Showing off their EARS !

Her new Dora the Explorer jammies!


Bonnie and Kirk said...

My kids are freaking out-- she is so cute. Wish we could have been there!! Happy Bday, Molly!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I miss you guys. Happy Birthday Molly! Wish we could have been there too.