Saturday, October 8, 2011


We decided to take a trip to Utah to visit Brock and Jesica.  It had only been a month since they moved up there, but we missed them already.  We thought it would be nice for a change of weather and also an opportunity to maybe meet up with Jim's family.  They live in Colorado so the drive is only about 5 hours.  His brother Joe lives in West Jordan so we knew we could see him for sure.  We all had a good time.  Max and Molly got to see their Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Joe.  We also went to go visit some cousins on my side of the family who I haven't seen in almost 10-15 years.  It's funny though cause even though I never see them, I feel like I see them all the time.  That is the greatness of the www.  Everyone has blogs and facebook so it gives us the opportunity to keep tabs on peoples lives.  It was fun to see everyone and we were really sad to have to go back to hot Arizona.  It took us about 11 hours each way and that is one drive I really don't like to make.  My kids were really good, but I hate it.  It sort of made me want to move to Utah.  I tell Jim this and he just tells me to wait until Winter and I would not think that.  Which is most likely true but I have just about had it of Arizona.

Max & Molly are getting so big these days.  Max is loving trying to be a "big boy".  Well, with the exception of going potty in the toilet.  He's saying many more words, but still his word for whatever he hasn't learned how to say yet is "baba".  I'm so sick of this word because I have no idea what he wants.  We both get frustrated trying to figure it out.  He tells me when he's gone "poo" but only after the fact.  I've tried sitting him on his small potty and I think he gets what he is supposed to do, but he refuses to do it.  The second I leave the room after an hour of trying he decides to let loose.  Yep,  on the floor.  So I'm not i much of a hurry to get him potty trained but it would be nice if it could work one of these days.  Maybe he is just almost ready but not quite.

Molly is running around like crazy.  We think she can say "where did it go" and "kitty" and of course "mom".  She loves to play outside and heads for the door every chance she gets.  She has become attached to her blanky.  She always wants it around and gets mad if she can't find it.  We tried to get Max to become attached to something when he was her age so he could put himself to sleep.  But nothing worked for him.  I guess it's something you have to start when they are babies.  We gave her this blanket since she was 2 weeks old and walah....She's been waking up early with Max these days (6:00-6:30am) and it's making me crazy.  We try to get Max to sleep in but he just wont.  Now Molly is on his same sleep schedule so there is no sleeping in past 6:45am around this house.  On the weekdays it's no big deal, but come Saturday...please???  Oh well.

This was all of us that went to Rodizio Grill in Pleasant Grove.

Arctic Circle run late at night.

Eating at some Mexican Food place.  Molly was asleep on my shoulder.

The "Wray" side cousins at Bob & Rhonda's house in SLC.

Grandma & Molly

Teaching Max crucial face exercises.

Grandpa & Molly

Mom & Calli had a crush on this guy.  They called him Aladdin.

Molly imitating us.  She was looking for just the right shirt.

of bacon.

Jesica letting Max water the garden.

I'm pretty sure she found this orange in the trash.

Max being cold.


{Jesica Huffaker} said...

That was some good times. Miss you guys a lot. Come back soon cuz I don't know when we're making it to AZ :(

Brenden+Nikki said...

Max sounds EXACTLY like Collin. Says a few more words here and there but his sub word is "Dees" (sounds like "this" with a "d"). I'm like "what?" and he'll say "dees" and he keeps saying it over and over and I'm like aaaahhhhh I don't know what dees is! And then he'll say "dhdkdiisknddndbndbd dees!" and same with potty training...he'll go potty in the toilet but I'm pretty sure he'd rather jump out a window than go poop in a toilet. He'll come tell me he went poop in his diaper and even willingly lays down to let me change him but REFUSES to go in the toilet. I even let him run around naked all day the weekend before Conference and he didn't poop the entire day until I put a diaper on him. Then he went poop 2 minutes later. I swear he was holding it all day.

kisha said...

the orange comment about the picture with molly almost had me peeing my pants... that's so funny! Sometimes you just don't care when it keeps them occupied:)