Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

We started the day out with a 5K.  It felt really good to run.  I probably haven't run for about 9 months.  I didn't do nearly as bad as I thought I would.  I smoked Jim thats for sure.  My mom was nice enough to stroll the kids while she walked it.  It just felt good to know that I burnt 300 calories of the 10,000 that I would soon eat.  We headed over to my Aunt Carolees house to have dinner with the "Huffaker" side.  Nothing too exciting happened.  The highlight of the dinner was (K) Kim's sweet potato casserole.  We usually just have the candied Yams which I made, but this year the casserole blew them away.  As you can see below it was gone within minutes.

The next day was all about Christmas as usual.  I made Jim pull out the tree for me.  As he pulled the tree out he noticed there were all sorts of presents left for him.  It seems a cat got into our shed and decided to pee and poo all over the place.  Jim was shaking the tree and all sorts of fun was falling out from it.  Jim was not happy.  He wanted to throw the tree away.  I wouldn't let him because it cost way too much to just toss.  So he spent the next couple of hours spraying it down and disinfecting it.  It took all day but we managed to get it all cleaned up.  The kids are doing ok with not touching the ornaments and throwing them as if they are balls.  They still forget and take them off the tree, but for the most part they are doing great.  I've decided you just have to train your kids not to touch anything in your house at Christmas time.  So far it's working.  They can only touch the floor and couch. haha

The Turkey Trot.  

Grandpa & Max

Grandpa & Molly


Empty sweet potato casserole

Jesica & Addie

Aunt Lori and Uncle Darin Huffaker 

Josie (my niece) was baptized on Saturday.  Fenix really didn't want to be in this picture. haha

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