Monday, December 12, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday is here.....and almost over.

I wish time would STOP now.  2 weeks before Christmas is a perfect time.  It's almost time for the big day but not too soon.  Before I even blink Christmas is going to be over and I have to wait for a whole year to pass before it comes again.  Sometimes I feel like a little kid.  Except for the desire of many gifts.  I just love the season for decorating, goodies, music and events.  It is just fantastic.

Waking up this morning thought has been a really weird feeling.  A feeling of not having anywhere to go.  No where to rush my kids off to and no commitments.  It's almost a little scary.  I know I should be more excited but I am just left with this really weird feeling.....maybe it will go away.

Calli put on a Christmas show with her studio FUSE PERFORMING ARTS.  It turned out really good. It was extra cool because our whole family participated.  Eric, Kyle, Josie and Eric's Kim including myself were all in it.  Oh and Calli too.  It was really fun!!

We tried to take a family picture for our Christmas card but it just was too boring looking.  Our kids look so cute but the picture itself if just a little boring.  So I'm not using it.

Our Christmas tree this year.  Blues, pinks, greens and silver.

Temple lights.  Max was amazed.

We took the kids to this Train place in Scottsdale. I forget the name of it now.  Our neighbor volunteers there since he is into model trains.  He was the one that told us about it.  Holy crap it was packed.  It was really fun.  They have all these lights and train rides for everyone.  They have model trains inside that Max thought was so cool.  He is obsessed with trains now.  

Max on the train.  We sat in these little cars as it took us around a park.  


Tiffany + Drew said...

Your header pics and your "boring" christmas pic are real cute!

Candice and Steve said...

I'm glad you keep up on your blog.....mine is slowly dying. Your pictures are so fun and I love the one in the's not boring!