Sunday, January 1, 2012

And it's over...

It has truly been a sad couple of days since the passing of Christmas day.  Tomorrow the lights will come down off the house.  The tree will be broken down into pieces and the balls will be put away.  It really is sort of depressing for me.  For the past 2 years we left Arizona on New Years day to Colorado so it wasn't so hard.  Traveling took the edge off.  This year we really couldn't go since we put all of our money into our new house.  We are sad we didn't get to leave and I am even more sad that the remnants of Christmas are now gone.  We did have a good time.  We started our Christmas Eve off partying at the folks house with the deep fryer in the back yard.  We all brought food to throw in the fryer.  It was all fun until we ate too much grease and then we were all sick.  We sang around the fire and eventually made it home to finish up getting ready for Santa to come.  The kids got their Christmas jammies and had no clue of what was actually going on.  I think it was more fun for Jim and I to pretend they were excited.  Christmas Day came, went to church, opened presents then made it back to my folks to watch music videos, eat dinner and open up gifts.  We did a shoe exchange this year.  But really the pictures say it all.  I'll have to post our 2011 music video after this post.

2012 starts today.  I have many resolutions that I would like to try out this year.  None of which are physical which surprises me.  I don't know if I want to have a baby this year or keep waiting.  I want to have another but I don't really.  I would just like one that comes out at 12 months.  21 months of being pregnant and taking care of a baby doesn't sound so much fun to me right about now. So maybe I should just start working on my New Year resolutions and become the person I really want to be.  That sounds better.

Yes a couple of days before Christmas a I got some skin cancer removed.  It's healing rather nicely.  I'm sure I'll love the scar on my shoulder.   I have 2 more I need to get removed but the process is rather annoying.

 Our Christmas Tree

Christmas jammies

She loves her books. 

Max's favorite toys were Molly's.  She still has yet to get to play with them.

Jim was really excited to get his coin jar that digitally counts his money. haha (not really)

Bass Pro shop.  We tried to wait in line for Santa but every time we went down there the line was an hour long.  So this was the best we got.

Christmas Eve  

Christmas day ready to go to church. Yes, there are certain days of the year that involve "matching". Jim had a matching tie and I hate matching shoes and dress.  Christmas is one of those days.  

We built a cardboard fort for the kids to play in.  Well I didn't build anything, the guys did.

Christmas night. 

Our shoes. 

Eric gave all the guys T-shirts. Don't tread on me logo 

Christmas chips n cheese.  Not nachos 

Max's baby.  Santa gave it to Molly, but she doesn't get to play with it.  It's Max's baby. 


kisha said...

K... I have tons of comments... maybe I should just text you?! You bought a new house? I love the christmas church matching we did the same thing! Whos shoes are whos and why doesn't kim have any? and last but not least!......Chips and Cheese not nachos has me rolling and laughing tears!

Brenden+Nikki said...

You have a new house? Are you still close enough that we can pretend we're going to hang out but never really hang out? Ha ha kidding, kidding. Congrats on the house! ;) and Max and Collin are the same. He plays with all of Elle's toys too. She just stares at him and then starts playing with his cars instead. Silly kids.

Michelle Randall said...

where are you moving to? ok, your skin cancer is freaking me out. you're supposed to have uncle karl cut it out so it's nice and pretty scars! :) hope you're doing good. happy new year!