Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All moved out.

Minus a little clean up of holes in walls at the other house, we are officially moved out of our house.  We have been living in our new house for 3 weeks now, but we finally moved out the remainder of our crap out of the old house.  I really hope that this sale works out and is closed soon so we can be done with it.  So we are crossing our fingers everything works out.  So we bought this house mid December and moved in mid February.  It took us a little longer to fix it up, but 2 months isn't that bad.  The pictures make it look like not very much work was done, but let me tell you, there was.  Me and the kids came down every day and worked till nap time.  Then once they woke up, we came over again and continued to work until Jim came home.  Good thing I quit my job because I was working full time at the house.  We scraped the popcorn off the ceilings, painted cupboards, cabinets, walls.  We had the guys turn the upstairs from a huge 1 bedroom loft to a  3 bedroom.  We got the work done for pretty cheap, however, the work was done cheap.  I spent a whole day sanding down the texture on the walls and ceilings.  So in the end saving money was not worth it.  The texture looks like crap and there are some outlets and switches that the openings were cut too big so now they look like garbage too.  Lesson learned I guess.  Jim put in new trim, casing, new doors, closet doors and even built out the closets.  He hated every minute of it.  But being the demanding wife, he did it for me.  I spent days caulking and painting and still am not done yet.  For 2 months of hard work we are only about 1/3 done with the house.  There are so many other things we have to do.  However, money puts a stop to all of them real fast.  I figure in about 5 years we may be close to being done and then at that point it will be time to remodel again right?

Anyway, we love our new home.  Our old home will be missed, especially the pool in the summer.  I'm sure we will get over it when we no longer have to fish rocks out of the pool and spend hundreds of dollars maintaining and fixing broken parts.  The lucky part is we didn't have to move wards.  We still get to stay in our ward and love it.  That was whole selling point of the house for us.  We wanted something more affordable (since I am no longer working), bigger (3 bed to 4 bedroom) and to stay in the neighborhood.  Our neighbors are awesome so we hope it was a good buy.

Before & After pics.  

Our house
Yes, it's still green.  One day we will be able to afford to get it painted.  That day is not soon.

Living & dining room BEFORE

Living & dining room AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Eating area of's a mess right now

more kitchen....

Family room BEFORE

Family room AFTER

Max's room BEFORE

Max's room AFTER (hasn't been painted yet)

Molly's room BEFORE

Molly's room AFTER (hasn't been painted yet)


Master bedroom AFTER (didn't take one of before)

I didn't take one of the bedroom downstairs and the bathrooms.  Only because the bathrooms are still in the same condition as when we bought them.  Nothing new to see.  The bedroom is just a bedroom. hahaha (it's our laundry room for the time being)

Max got a hold of a sharpie and decided to not only sharpie the walls and cupboards but his face too.


Jim's folks came into town right as we were finishing up the house.  They came to help and it was much needed.  We are truly grateful for them coming and it was so good to see them.  The kids loved it.  Molly seemed to really like Uncle Joe.  He is her new favorite...We can't wait to have them move down here.  


{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Wow, the new place looks awesome! I'm excited to finally see pictures but I still want to see it in person. I feel ya on the remodeling crap. It's fun to do it yourself for like a day. Good job though the place really does look great! Miss you guys and can't wait to come visit again!

Brenden+Nikki said...

I think it all looks great! How exciting to remodel a house!! :) lots of work I know, but it's yours! ;).

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