Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The time of year...

This time of year can be really exciting.  It's spring, the weather changes and everybody starts planting beautiful things everywhere.  We most likely wont be doing that this year.  We had to cut down 5 trees from our yards last week.  It was really sad and I felt sick about it, but they were DEAD.  The previous owners never watered anything.  So out of the 8 trees that surrounded the house, 3 are left.  Yards aside, the lawn is the same story.  What came up at the end of February???  WEEDS!!!!!!  Weeds everywhere.  There was no grass when we bought the house.  It was all dirt.  So I've been watering it for the past month to get the little spots of bermuda (I think there was 1 tiny spot in the the back yard) to spread.  I have noticed it is spreading at a very slow rate, however, the weeds are just taking over.  I've put some weed and feed on them not knowing if it would help or not.  I used that stuff with my other lawn and the weeds disappeared in a week.  But since I don't have grass, I'm not sure if that was the best thing.

The reason I talk so much about my lawn and yard is because I'm a big lawn person.  I LOVE for my lawn to look good.  I look forward every year to when I can plant my winter lawn.  There is nothing better than to drive up to your house and see a green lawn and colorful plants and bushes.  Well, I don't have that and am not sure if I will till maybe the end of the summer.  It makes me sad.  My hands are stained brown and cracking and splitting every day from pulling weeds.  I will never be done.  That is why I am hoping the bermuda beats me to it and kills out the remaining weeds.  Wow, I am really going on and on about my lawn.  Good thing I am the only one who reads this.  It would get real boring right about the first sentence.

Changing the subject....
Molly started nursery last week.  The weirdest thing EVER.  My little baby goes to a  class and learns stuff.   Well maybe not learn, but sings and draws and eats.  Still, I can't believe she is that old!!  Max is pretty much potty trained.  He still has some accidents here and there, but he doesn't wear diapers anymore, not even to bed!!  He stays dry all night.  Such a big boy.  He is talking pretty good, using more and more words and complete sentences.  I can pretty much understand him 80% of the time.  Jim is trying to get a management position through Edward Jones.  We are really hoping he gets this new job.  I'm not sure the pay would be that much more, but anything would be better!!  Since quitting my job, our savings has slowly crept away and budgeting each month is really hard.  Trying to pay our utility bills for this house and the other house is pretty much leaving us at a $0 balance every month.  It will be nice when the other house finally closes (hopefully it closes).  But, being able to stay at home and NOT go my Bank of America job is really, really nice.  It made me realize how much I really hated that job.  I wouldn't mind getting another job, but finding something that paid as well as that one doesn't exist.  But, if there was something I could find that didn't require me to leave my kids with a babysitter, I would be all over it!  That probably doesn't exist either...hahaha

Here is our 5th ward after  the 3rd day.  Jim and I only had to go up for one day.  We were in charge of the activities and the movie at night. (17 miracles) I had to go pick them up on Saturday so I got to see how exhausted they all looked.  They were all troopers.  Especially the leaders!!!

Kim all dressed up.  I forgot to take a picture of Jim and I which makes me really sad...

Jim and Eric cutting down a big bush.  I'm pretty sure we were not supposed to cut it down, but we needed it gone to show the movie.  

So i've gone almost 3 months without any Advair.  I am an asthmatic and need this inhaler to control my asthma.  Well, since the switch of insurances, Advair is not covered.  The ins company does not cover any amount.  Well the inhaler is $260 for a one month supply.  Seriously?  Well, I obviously didn't get it refilled.  So for the past 3 months I have been suffering, unable to exercise, and going back to the old school way of being able to breathe...
I tried using essential oils.  Which made me think it worked a little.  I do believe I did breath a bit better using this oil.  My friend in my ward is a dealer and let me try this.  So it worked, jut not as much as I needed it to.

What does work...Yes, the nebulizer.  Molly was sick with an ear infection and bronchitis so the doctor prescribed her some albuterol for the breathing machine.  Well, she used it for about a week.  Then I used up the rest.  I was taking treatments about 3 times a day.  It's funny the things you get used to.  Morning, afternoon and night I was puffing away on this machine.  Well, then we went to the trek last week and we were without power....it was bad.  Having to start up the generator every few hours was getting really annoying.  So I went into the doctor the next day and got me a prescription and some samples.  I am a new woman 4 days later.  Advair is a lifesaver and I swear if they ever needed a true inspiring story for their commercial, I would be the best candidate.  It has controlled my asthma for years and I can not live without it.  Really though, I couldn't live without it.

So....I have been searching for and Easter dress for Molly.  BUT, I didn't want to spend a lot cause I don't have any $ to even spend.  I found this little thing for $12.00.  I wouldn't even be able to make a dress for that little.  So I feel like it was a bargain.  

My little cute heads. 

This is Molly's little friend Acey.  We went and visited our friends Kelsey and Beau and they hit it off.  They are super cute together! 


{Jesica Huffaker} said...

You need Brock to help with your lawn... another reason we need to move back! That's really gay insurance doesn't cover Advair for you. If you ever need it, we'll just get it through Brock and ship it to you haha! Can't wait to see you guys in April!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Um thank you but I read your blog thankyouverymuch. I like hearing what you and the kiddos are up to.