Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter time...

Woo hoo, our house finally sold and we signed last friday.  Time to turn off the power and water and never speak of the house again.  It will be nice to not have to think about it anymore.

Easter--Max got a hair cut.  I think each time is going to be a little less painful for him, but I am wrong.  He screams like we are stabbing him over and over again.  It's a horrible experience.  But it is done and he looks handsome.  Brock and Jesica are visiting AZ this weekend.  It's been super fun to hang out with them and to see little baby Addie who isn't a baby anymore.  We all hung out til 2:00am last night playing weird games and laughing really hard.  We went to my moms house for dinner.  Ham and potatoes that were delicious.  We walked to the park and the kids played.  I'm sure they had fun.  I gained about 10 pounds last night so I'm feeling a little swollen and chubby today. haha

I wish I could have taken a better picture of us, but there was some mad shadows on the walls that made my hair look like an 80's nightmare.  I mean it was probably really an 80's nightmare hair do today, but the picture made it look even worse.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs with  candy all around the family room.  They had a lot of fun finding them.

Jim wouldn't let me buy him a pink tie to match.  So he is out of place....

Yes, I made this skirt and a matching tie for Max.  I ended up ripping it getting into the car on our way home from  church.  That is what happens when you make the skirt too small.

You know its funny....I still feel guilty about quitting my job.  Now that we are moneyless and have to wait a long time to buy things it's really hard.  I knew it would be hard and challenging, but I didn't expect it to be this hard.  For 8 years I've had a job that paid really well and I've been able to buy pretty much whatever I wanted.  I wasn't a shopping fanatic, but if I wanted to buy me some curtains or a new dress or shirt, I could.  Things are different now.  I have to think 3 times before I buy something.  I usually walk away from buying it.  However I did manage to sew a skirt for me and make a tie for Max with the scraps all for $4.99+ a zipper.  I only needed 1 yard.  A lot of people think I'm stupid for quitting my job and they don't understand why I would quit a job that paid me as much as it did.  No matter what I say they will not understand.  Yes, I hated my job, really hated my job.  BUT, being home with my kids and being able to teach them, play with them and have them know I'll be home with them is so great.  Was it nice to have the break, yes.  But, I think that certain events happened so that I could quit my job.  Praying about it and making the decision to just quit just felt right.  Do I feel bad that I put my family in a different tax bracket? YES, every day.  Hopefully one day I will be able to get over that, but it's a hard feeling to overcome.  Maybe it was a stupid decision, but it was mine (and Jims) and we have to live with it.  I'm sure it was right, but who knows.


Brenden+Nikki said...

Nope, I am 100% confident that you did the right thing. There is nothing worth more than the time you give your children. Nothing. There will be a time when they are older and you'll be able to work if you want to and buy things without guilt again. When that time comes, this part of your life will seem like it was so short. In the eternal scheme of things, when you're enjoying your eternal family, you will look at the time you spent with your children and cherish it. The curtains you couldn't buy at the time won't even cross your mind.

Do I sound super corny? I do mean every word of it though.

Don't feel guilty. You're contributing more to your family than you were able to before.

Great job on the skirt and tie. Very cute! And I had to laugh about the tear. At least it happened after church and not during. And I'm only laughing because I always make my clothes to small too, so it's totally something I would have done.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I agree... you did the right thing! Especially since when we move back, we can play all the time!! It was so fun seeing you guys... I totally cried when we left and I'm excited to get back. Love you guys!

Candice and Steve said...

Well, I'm so proud of you for sewing your skirt and Max's tie. Hey, at least your skirt lasted all through church! And yay, the house is sold!

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