Thursday, April 26, 2012

You know...there are a few things that I see around me that I sometimes can't let go.  You know when you see those pair of heels that may be the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Then you realize they are 5 1/2 inches high so you have to walk by them and pout a little.  Then you realize they are $11.99.  Then you pout even more.  I say this because it happens a lot to me.  I don't go shopping EVER, but in the past it has happened to me.  Anyway, when we moved into our home I had a vision.  My brain holds many, many ideas.  It's the putting the idea into reality that is my problem.  I love to design rooms.  I think if I had the money it would be my favorite hobby.  After my mother in law helped me put up my teal and gold wallpaper I had a vision.  A vision of purple rain.....I didn't know where but I felt it needed to be somewhere.  I saw some dark purple/eggplant velvet curtains at Ikea that would look amazing in my living room.  However, the tag reported $49.99/panel.  My window calls for 6 panels.  Well my window is curtainless still.  I've tried to search the internet and stores for a knock off version or a cheaper material and got nothing.  Then one day I came across this beauty.  This is that thing that I want. I look at it online weekly to make sure it still does exist. And of course it's not something I can afford or ever will let myself afford.  I have limits of how much I spend on things and this is too high for me. $1 is too high for me right now, but still too much $$$.  But a girl can dream right?  Maybe when we win the lottery.

(I know it's just a couch right?  No one should be that passionate about at couch)

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