Sunday, May 20, 2012


I talked all my family into doing this 5K foam fest on Saturday.  It looked so fun on their website.  We were all really stoked to run it.  It was 3 miles of muddy, watery obstacle courses.  I got Eric, Kyle, Michael and Jim to sign up.  My friend Traci from my ward came with us too.  When we got there we ran into our friends Tiffany and Drew.  It was awesome.  There was about 9 of us all running together.

It was so lame.  We were running in the desert with fisher price obstacles coming our way.  The slip n slide lacked the slip and slide part of it.  There was little foam and the really "tough" obstacles courses described on the web site consisted of a 15 minute backed up wait line of a 10 foot rope fence.  What race makes you wait in line to climb a fence?  The race was poorly planned and I'm pretty sure anyone running that race will not return next year, especially us.  The only semi-cool part of it was when we got to crawl in the mud at the very end.  The downfall to that was they didn't provide any water at the end to rinse off.  So everyone had to drive home all muddy.  It was very strange how dumb it was.  Either way, we got a little bit of exercise and did something on Saturday.  We were just out $45.00.

Before the race.

After the race.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo for the first time.  I'm pretty sure it was my first time and I've lived here my whole life.  Pretty crazy.  I'm hoping to get a season pass this coming up year so I can take the kids all the time.  They had fun!

Sunday photos...

Oh...and Max can fly. 

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