Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday, Memorial Day

(3 more days to go on $7 budget) Monday night:  Cereal & Grilled cheese for the kids.   

MEMORIAL DAY:  Started the day at the cemetery to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Huffaker.  My dad took us all to McDonalds.  Which was awesome for us because he paid!! Since we don't have our pool anymore we can't throw ragin parties.  So we didn't really do much today.  We went swimming at Calli's townhome pool and then went to Red Robin for lunch.  The only reason we could was because Jim received some $$$ for his birthday and we splurged on lunch.  Our neighbors invited us to their family barbeque and they had all sorts of grubby dub food.  We love the Reynolds family!!

The kids slept the entire time we were at Red Robin.  It was awesome for us!

Jim turns 31.  We celebrated by eating.  Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts  Lunch:  Filibertos  Dinner: Monti's Steakhouse.  The only gift I got him got lost in the mail.  The post office is still trying to track it down.  So Jim didn't get to open any presents on his birthday.  It was pretty lame.  I'm still hoping his package shows up one of these days.

We got together on Sunday night with our family to eat cake and icecream for Jim's birthday.

Saturday we went to Freestone park with Calli, Michael, Mom, Dad and Kyle's family.   We rode the train and ate lunch.  Good times.

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