Friday, May 25, 2012

Okay, so I thought about how funny it would be to blog about the next 7 days.  Let me fill you in on why.    So since the moving in into our house and spending way too much money on the initial move in, we haven't been able to play"catch up" on our finances.  Minus an income (mine) we haven't adjusted well.  Well, I haven't adjusted well. There are always major things that come up when you are trying to save money or even just pay bills.  Well we got ourselves into a "pickle" this pay period.  Our sump pump went out 2 weeks ago.  Well, $650 later we do have a working sump pump but it has left our checking account dry.  We have about $9 to last us till next Friday.  So it's been a week since I went to the store.  And when I say I went to the store, I mean I just got necessities.  Ya, we could move money from our savings, but I'm tired of moving money.  I want to live off what we have in our checking.  So, for the next 7 days I am going to post on what we eat for dinner off the food we have in our house.  Just know, we don't have hardly have any food in our house as of today.  I hope that we can do it.  I'm scared, but I think it can be done. Oh, and don't feel sorry for us.  We are not starving and need food.  This is our challenge and I think I will learn something when it is all over. (next friday)

FRIDAY:  On a night we would normally get a pizza or go out to eat at a restaurant, we are eating a box of fettucini with added left over corn and cornbread. (from a Jiffy box)  This whole meal cost me $1.50 but I'm unsure of how long it's been in my pantry. Oh, and water cause we only have 5 cans of soda left in the fridge.


Candice and Steve said...

OK, this is a fun idea....this could catch on Shalene....and everyone will be reading your blog and you'll make lots of money off your blog. You know how in Julia-Julie or whatever that movie was. She cooked something out of Julia Child's cookbook everyday. This will be like that. What will Shalene come up with every day from her cupboards without going to the store?!! It's great!

qifei2012 said...

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