Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What goes down might come up!

GOOD news:  Jim got a promotion to be the new manager of the Estates Division.  He now gets to over see a team who is responsible for re-routing dead people's investments.  It sounds really cool and it's about time Edward Jones saw the potential in my husband, but the actual $$ raise is about the most pathetic raise I've seen.  Maybe I'm just used to the way it was done for me when I became manager but he definitely deserves more.  Either way, he's moving up and who knows, before we know it he'll be running the company. (haha)

The house is coming along and when I say coming along I mean we had to rip out the downstairs sink to find a whole in the ground.  Our sewer ejector (sump pump) was not working and caused our house to smell like poop and our toilet not to flush.  I'm not sure why our downstairs did not flood.  Maybe because it's only a half basement.  Either way I'm grateful for that but now we get to make it work and replace the sink in a bathroom that is already ghetto to begin with.  Nothing like trying to save money to make your house cooler only to make it not sink. I just hope they don't find even more issues with the plumbing while they are down there.

Molly is talking like crazy.  She is learning new words each day.  She tells me when she goes Poopoo which is awesome.  She loves to play with my makeup and perfume.

Max is officially potty trained and has been for about a month and a half.  This is by far the coolest thing ever.  I mean, every now and then he'll have an accident but it is so nice not having to change 2 diapers anymore.  He is becoming an actual kid right before my eyes.  His vocabulary is getting larger and larger and he forms more complete sentences every day.  He still loves Thomas the Train, loves to color and he knows all of his letters and can count to 16.  He loves to play with MAYARD.  Which is what he still calls Molly.  Sometimes it's Molly, but he is having a hard time transitioning her name to Molly now that he's not 12 months old.  It's really weird.

I just stay at home and keep these animals under control.  I am trying to find hobbies to occupy my time.  I'm not a fan of TV right now so I become bored quite a bit.  It's probably good that I don't have tiny babies right now because it's giving me a change to figure out what I like and what things I want to do.  Even though I'm not yet, hopefully I will soon.  For the last 2 1/2 years babies have taken up all my time so I have no idea what to do with it now.  I am looking forward to going to the Dominican Republic next May.  I know it's a year away, but I can't wait to go.  I just hope I don't accidently get pregnant in the mean time.  That is probably selfish to wait another year just so I can go on vacation, but man....I really need that vacation and I need to be NOT pregnant. hahahaha

Life is good, I am blessed and I have a really, really cute family.  Many things to be grateful for.....

Just not this.....haha

Max & Molly with cousin Addie.,

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Brenden+Nikki said...

1. Yay for Jim! Congrats!

2. Having a child potty trained is awesome. Even if there are occassional accidents they are still easier to clean up than changing a diaper numerous times a day. It's really amazing how much time it frees up :).

3. Max and Molly look like twins in that first picture. I love that he has a special name for her. Collin calls Elle "deedee" which is how he pronounces sister and I hope it sticks forever.