Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Potty training Molly has been put on hold.  She was getting the hang of it.  Way faster than Max did.  However, she didn't commit herself the way Max did.  After 2 FULL weeks, we had just a few accidents.  With Molly it was 8am-12pm she did great, making it to the potty by herself every time.  She even woke up dry the past 3 nights.  Once she woke up from her nap (dry) she would pee and poo everywhere.  It was like she forgot she had to sit down on the potty in the afternoon.  So after a week of it with no progress, I have pulled the plug.  We'll revisit this whole potty thing in a few months.  By doing this it has relieved me from a huge chunk of stress.  I'm feeling better about many things.

Grandma with all the girls (& Fenix)

Michael doing a dance pose.

Molly's 4th of July dress her Grandma Barainca sent her.

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