Friday, September 21, 2012


Yes....this week was still 108 degrees outside.  Why oh why do I live in this place?  It's approaching October and has yet to be out of the 100's.  I'm so ready for ready.

We have a had a big birthday month.  Max and Molly learned all the details about birthdays this year.  First it was Maxs bday, then Molly's.  So once mine came around, they kept telling me, Happy Birthday to you Mommy.  It was pretty cute.  They know it involves presents and blow cakes.  A cake that you blow out candles from.  They've incorporated it into a blow cake.

Our family came up with a group P90Huff.  This is our way of trying to keep fit and gain more muscle.    We meet up every Tuesday, weigh in, calculate body fat % and do fit tests.  We run a timed mile, pull ups, push ups and planks.  I dread if every Tuesday, but at least it's a little bit of exercise and I get to weigh in.  But we don't really eat any better and sometimes I think we eat worse.  It's still fun getting together though.

Mollys birthday party. Max and us were the only ones invited. haha

getting ready to blow out her 2 candles. 

For my birthday, I didn't want cake.  I wanted pumpkin pie.

Molly loving moms shoes.

Kyle and Kim bought a new boat.  They invited all the adults to party down at Canyon Lake one Saturday.  We had a good time cliff jumping and attempting to wake board.  I didn't do so well.  Jim actually is pretty good. ( I hear)

Dads 61st birthday at Toby Keiths Bar & Grill

Eric got his hands on some Broncos vs. Cardinal tickets.  He was so nice he gave them to me and Jim.  As much as I love football (sarcastic) we had a pretty good time.  Especially eating the huge bag of caramel corn.

Our latest project on the house:  We had a huge weird hole in our family room where I imagine the previous owners kept there huge TV.  Well we had no idea what we were going to do with it.  The top picture is what it looked like.  Jim framed in the hole, hung sheet rock and I mudded, sanded, wallpapered and painted.  Now you are probably asking yourself, why did she wallpaper.  Well as I was sanding down the mud I got sidetracked trying to help my brother move out.  That night when I got home and started to spray texture thinking I had finished sanding.  The room doesn't put off a lot of light so you can't see every single detail.  Well after texture was applied and I had painted, Jim and I sat down on the couch and.....yep, there is a HUGE line across the wall where I didn't finish sanding.  It's so ugly and I was so pissed.  Thinking of how I was going to fix it I had a brilliant idea that I would just buy textured, paintable wallpaper.  This would hide the awful patch job and it would add an awesome texture behind the TV.  Well after all the work and the wallpaper issues I was having, it didn't hide the retarded patch job.  So it is what it is.  Jim did a great job while I just ruined it.  At least it still looks better than the big giant ugly hole.

I finally found a dining room table and chairs that I liked.  I recovered them in a greenish yellow color.  Not the exact color I wanted but it was the closest I could find.  

Mosquito season.  These bites all happened in one hour.  My kids now have to wear repellent when they go outside.  It's pretty bad.

Max got a new bed.  He has outgrown his toddler bed and gets a big bed.  He still wanders into our room at night but I'm hoping it gets better.  Which means Molly got Maxs toddler bed.  I feel she is going to outgrow it any day now too.  My kids are just huge.

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