Monday, October 22, 2012


We finally decided to go camping this year.  We have talked about it forever and always put it off.  So Kyles family and us packed up and drove up to Forest Lakes (between Star Valley and Heber) and camped for a night.  It was really fun.  Kim made potato soup and bread while the kids ate grilled cheese sandwiches.   Kyle brought his generator so we were able to use skillets and waffle makers.  We  had a fire, roasted marshmellows and went to bed.  Of course I didn't get any sleep at all because I was too worried the kids were freezing.  I froze all night long.  Every time they moved I made sure I adjusted their blankets.  We woke up, made bacon, eggs and waffles and just hung out.  We hoped more family could have come but they have little babies and work.  Which I don't have either so good for me :)

The kids are getting ready for Halloween.  They are learning about spooky creatures and costumes.  I took them both to Party City to pick out a costume and they were scared to death.  They were holding on to me so tight their finger nails dug into my skin.  They kept telling me they wanted to go home.  It was too spooky.  They are being super fun about.  They are both learning the word "fake".  We had to teach them when I brought out the fake spiders and mice.  Good times :)

Molly is potty trained. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She still has one accident every couple nights.  But I am okay with this.  She did have one accident while we were camping.  But that is okay too.  For the most part, she uses the potty and tells me when she needs to go poo and pee.   If the little potty is around she will just go by herself.  Having ZERO kids in diapers is an amazing and awesome feeling.  So if I had another kid I would have to start all over.  I don't like that idea.  2 kids is plenty right?

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