Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh the fun we have had.....

Never has a week flew by so fast.  It was bitter sweet to leave the beach in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic.  As much as it was heaven I really missed my kids and wanted to see them.  We had such a good time.  This year it was Calli, Michael, Jesica, Brock, Eric, Kim, Mom, Dad, Jim and myself.  We had a huge group of 10.  We debated on if we wanted to go because we really didn't have the money to blow on a week long vacation.  We saved for a few months and agreed we needed the vacation.  There was definitely things that we should have spent the money on, but it's too late now.  We had so much fun and I think I needed the break from kids.  It's funny how time away from them rejuvenates the soul and body.  It might have been a little too long of time away but it was worth every minute.  Even worth the 5 lbs I gained :)

We went ziplining, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and the others went snuba-ing.  We didn't want to spend the money on another excursion so we opted out.  Of course the excursion we opt out of was apparently the most fun.  I was sad that we didn't go, but I'm glad that we sort of stayed within our spending budget.   That is was happens when you are poor.  You just have to miss out on some awesome things.  I'm just happy that we saved our money to even get there at all.  It was so relaxing and for a minute I forgot that I was even a Mom with kids waiting for me at home.  It was super exciting as we pulled up in the driveway and the kids come running out the front door to greet us.  I sure did miss them and love them so much.  I'm super grateful to my in-laws who drove out here from Colorado to watch them for a week.  It was so nice to have them here and we are super sad they have to go home.

Javelin throwing contest.  We both lost.



Jim has been doing a lot of reflecting on his career and has decided to go back to school.  He was thinking about maybe becoming a pharmacist but the idea of maybe him just getting an MBA may be more realistic.  He is going to apply for the program to hopefully start in January.  The next 2 years may be interesting.  It's crazy how our life has become quite backwards.  Most people struggle the first few years of their marriage, then they finish school and make more money and the more years go by the more financially successful they are.  We entered the married life making more money than we will for a real long time.  Then I went part time and made a little less.  Then I quit all together and now we make a lot less.  I just hope Jim doesn't get laid off or something so this pattern ends really bad.  (making nothing) hahahaha.  I'm excited for Jim.  He's so smart that this degree will be a cake walk for him.  It's the time away that I stress about.

Yes, I am still crazy and irritable.  My relationship with Jim would be so much better if I wasn't so in your face irritable all the time.  There are a few days out of the month that I become the wicked witch.  I recognize it and try to push it away but I think that only makes it worse.  I think I need to get on medication for these 3 days.  I never knew irritability could dominate someone so bad.  Sorry, I have to write this so I can laugh years down the road.  I need to be as honest as possible.  hahaha

I am on the road to try and get pregnant with #3.  I know you are asking yourself why on earth would this wicked witch want to bring a child into this world.  (just keep reading, you'll understand)  We started last week so we shall see how long it takes.  I really like the set up I have right now.  Both of my kids are at the age where they really don't need me.  They do everything by themselves and it's so easy for me right now.  The thought of having to be sick while pregnant, actually delivering the baby, caring for a newborn, changing diapers, feeding every 2 hours, not sleeping, having my boobs hurt all the time and my "v", really doesn't sound cool at all.  I'm super anxious about it.  I would be okay with only having 2 kids.  The reason we are opting for another is purely selfish.  I imagine myself when I am older.  I don't like being alone much and really love the idea of having a lot of family that would visit or I could visit.  My chances of having that with only 2 kids is really low.  I need to increase that chance.  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death.  I love raising them and hanging out with them and would love to have another to do that with.  For me though, it's really hard work.  I'm sure it's a piece of cake for other Moms.  For me, it's not.  They also say 3 is the hardest.  So Good Luck to me.....

Max is speaking a lot better.  He is forming some really nice sentences and is talking much more clear.  He starts preschool in August and I can't even believe it.  My little baby is going to school.  And this preschool doesn't mess around.  It's 4 days a week for 3 hours a day.  I'm really anxious about him going for so long.  I'm sure he will love it though.  He is in the same class as his good friend Jake.  He is really into sea life, spiderman, batman, an occasional train, monster trucks, video games, computer games and NOT swimming.  I think it's gonna be a while before I get this kid to swim.  He doesn't really love getting in the water and it freaks him out a little if forced.  We got the season pass at Carson pool so I'm hoping that helps.  I'm enrolling him and Molly in soccer for the fall.  I'm really excited and think it will be super funny to watch them both kick the ball down the field. (assuming they actually can kick it)
**Loves the donuts, pop tarts and POPCORN


They came into the kitchen and said, "look Mom, we're Mary" cute.

 Molly is just the princess that she is.  She is the typical girl who loves to do girly stuff.  She loves shopping, painting her nails, wearing necklaces and bracelets and sparkly things.  She weighs as much as Max does. (36 lbs)  She is almost as tall as him too.  She loves to talk and she thinks she is just beautiful.  (which she is).  I am enrolling her in her first dance class this summer.  It could be a total nightmare for the teacher.  She loves nursery at church and LOVES her nursery leader Don Stapley.  She hold his hand and the bag of treats all the way to class.  She loves My little pony, kitties, puppies, and her cupcake blankie.  This blankie is her go to upset, sad and tired blankie.
**Loves juice and candy...(fruit snacks)

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Bonnie and Kirk said...

So glad you guys had fun in the DR. Wish we could have been there with you!! And the kids are so dang cute. Good luck with #3! Isn't everything worthwhile challenging? And as far as those three days of the month...PMS is real, girl! Ask Kirk!! Haha.