Friday, April 11, 2014


Jim shaved his head.  Yes, he did.  I told him he should probably lose 30 lbs and gain 30lbs of muscle before he did it but he didn't.  However, I like it.  I think it looks much better.  Better than thinning hair that is.

Valentines Day dinner.

 My cute little valentines.  Max made these at his Preschool and they gave Molly an extra one.

Molly has asthma.  Yep this is her new life.

Cowboy day at school.

Primary.  He loves his new teacher Brother Reynolds.

3 days late.  

Brock and Jesica bought a Rhino.  He took them for a spin.

 Molly ate it on the swing set in the backyard.  She looked beat up for a good 2 weeks.

Finally we got our stair banisters.  I think they look awesome!!  Only took 2 years. 

Red Robin. 

 Max is on a Tball team the "Superheroes".  His best friend Jake is on his team and his dad Steven Palmer is their coach.  They are having fun and Max is pretty good.  (except when he doesnt get the ball....then he pouts)

The Superheros 

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