Friday, April 11, 2014

Goldie Barainca

Yep, Goldie is here and boy do we ever know it.  So I have it on record here is the birth story.  (nothing cool except it will be for Goldie when she's older maybe)

Oh...and side note for you Goldie.  I gained 45lbs and got 100 varicose veins with you.  Not cool.  6 weeks later and I still have 20lbs to go. (frowny face) haha

She was a week late.  The Doctor wanted to schedule an induction but I kept holding off.  Finally after a full week we scheduled it for Wednesday, February 26 2014 at 5:00 am.  I woke up at 4:00 to make sure I got in a quick shower.  My phone rang and it was the hospital telling me they didn't have room for me so I wouldn't be leaving just yet.  I was okay with it cause I went back to bed.  Finally at 8:30, they called me back and said come now.  They induced me around 9:30am and let's just say nothing was happening until 3:00.  Finally around this time my contractions started getting stronger and I opted for an epidural.  A few more hours went by and I wasn't progressing very fast.  Still at a 4.  Around 5:00pm I was a 5.  At 5:30 I was a 6.  5:45 came and I started feeling massive pressure.  Pressure I had never felt with the other 2.  Pressure so bad I started crying cause it hurt so bad.  After 10 minutes of this pressure I felt it.  I felt her coming.  I yelled to the nurse, "get the freakin doctor cause I'm gonna push".  She laughed at me and said, "ok, I'll come check you".  Of course taking her grand ol time.  I was yelling and yelling, "I have to push, I have to push".  She stuck her fingers up there and looked at me and said, "well ok".  She yelled for the doctor, started the warming station and called for all the nurses.  Goldie was coming. (except we didn't know her name was Goldie at this point)  3-5 minutes later I pushed Goldie out and yelled the whole time.  Oh it felt so good to have her out of me.  All I could do was stare at my stomach while pushing and just watched it collapse as she slipped on out.  She came out at 6:00pm screaming and hasn't stopped since.

We weren't sure of her name.  Our contenders were Scarlett and Goldie.  That night we decided Scarlett was a "mature" name and it was hard to call a small little baby that name.  Plus I'm 95% positive she is going to have blonde hair so Goldie it was.  It was Jims choice.  He really like that name.   Jim finally got to cut the chord with her.  Everybody came to see her.  She screamed all night in the hospital and the next night.  We brought her home and she screamed that night too.  After that, she became a dreamy baby.  The best baby I could ask for.  THIS LASTED FOR 2 WEEKS.

Some days I think she's possessed.  She screams for no reason.  She eats, she screams.  She sits there, she screams.  I change her diaper, she screams.  There isn't anything I can do for her at this point.  Max and Molly have become immune to the sound.  I think I am slowing getting that way too.  However, at night she is pretty good.  She'll give me sleep.  Sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches and has now slept through the night twice.  However if the sun is out she is mad.  Maybe she is like me and just hates the sun.....

Now that I have made my 6 week old out to be a total nightmare I'll be nice.  She is adorable.  She looks just like Max.  They are super twins.  Her hair is blonde with some brown in it but if you take her outside it's oh so red.  BUT....Maxs hair was oh so red all the time so I'm pretty sure she won't have red hair.  She is starting to "coo" and has made a few smiles.  They last about 3 seconds then turn into a screeching cry.  We try to remember those cute smiles during the day.  I am still somewhat breastfeeding.  She gets mostly formula but I give her the boob first.  When I got my 2nd breast infection I think I lost a lot of my milk and haven't been able to get it back.  Max and Molly love her.  They try and sooth her with a binky or a bottle.  They sing to her and tickle her feet.  It usually doesn't help but they always try.

I feel bad for Max and Molly because my whole day is consumed by Goldie.  I'm always holding her, feeding her, changing her diaper.  They always want me to help them do something and I just physically can't.  When Jim gets home I need to do all the stuff I didn't get to do during the day so they are definitely getting neglected.  I'm trying to be better but it is really hard.  I try to avoid going places with all the kids because it usually turns into a nightmare.  Goldie is still young so having "the 3rd" really hasn't hit me yet.  She is hard period.  Even if she was my 1st child she would be hard.  So I'm still awaiting to feel the "hell" of 3 kids.  At least that is what everyone tells me.

Jim and I feel so lucky to have Goldie in our family.  Many nights we have to recap and give thanks for her that she is part of our family.  We love her so much and know that time will make her better and hopefully me too.  Babies are hard for me but I am getting through it.  I tend to get the "baby blues" really bad but have avoided it thus far.  My freedom is gone and that makes me frustrated but for the most part I feel like I am happy. 

 8lbs 6oz 21 3/4 in long

Daddy did up the "mermaid"

4 weeks old.  She weighed 11 lbs.

little angel. 

Perfect family pic. 

6 weeks old. 

This was her 10 minutes later and most of the day :0


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