Monday, August 11, 2014

The end of summer is near

It is HOT here in Arizona.  So hot that even Jim is ready to move on out of here.  He always told me when we were dating that Arizona was his new home and he loved it here.  AND he was never moving.  Well, our plan is to now move.  Jim graduates in less than a year with his MBA and we are crossing his fingers he can get a job offer OUT of state.  I mean a job offer at all will be awesome, but out of Arizona would be even better.

Things are changing around here.  Max is now in Kindergarten.  He started school last week and I was a nervous wreck.  I knew he would enjoy the classroom part of it because he LOVED preschool.  However, I was so nervous about him going to lunch in the cafeteria.  He wanted to buy a chocolate milk but he brought his lunch.  I was just nervous he wouldn't know how to ask the lunch lady that he wanted a chocolate milk and his account had money in it.  Well he did fine and I really had nothing to worry about.  Tomorrow he is getting his first hot lunch since it's pizza and I know he'll eat pizza.  We shall see if he can do it.  Once again, I am a total nerd but I am nervous for him.  He loves school.  Every day I pick him up and he tells me he had the greatest day.  Then proceeds to go on and on about all the things he did that day.  He shows me his homework folder and anything he made that day.  It's so cute.  I am so happy he loves school.

Right now Max is really into Transformers and Ghostbusters.  He's a little obsessed with video games so we have limited his game play to Saturday's only.  He hates this rule but he's crazy obsessed.  His birthday is in a week from tomorrow and he can't wait.  He wants the bumblebee transformer toy and the rescue bot transformer toy.  He always wants to play with his cousins Fenix and Fox.  If he ever gets to play at their house he cries every time I pick him up and he has to go home.  Sometimes he tells me he wishes he was a part of their family.  I don't blame him.  They have older kids that are boys and there is always so much going on over there.  Max behaves really good at school and church.  His teachers always tell me what a good boy he is in class.  He really is a good boy.  He has this really, really stubborn side to him though.  He is a little pouter and does not compromise well.  If he doesn't get what he wants he pouts.  He doesn't throw a fit or anything he just goes to his room and pouts.  Which sometimes is more annoying.  He eats about 10 things.  Yep, 10 food items.  Pizza, donuts, toast, tortillas (but only the ones you cook), fruit, peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches and chicken nuggets.  Maybe an occasional cheeseburger and french fries.  Oh and any type of pancake, waffle, french toast combination.  It's really frustrating.

Molly is a little miss sassy frass.  She is talking so mature (better than Max) and she's got an attitude to stop you in your tracks.  She's all girl, that's for sure.  I'm hoping to get her into a preschool this week.  I want her to start Kindergarten next year so she'll be a year behind Max.  She misses the age cut off by 5 days.  So I'm hoping to get her tested to get in early.  She's ready.  She knows just as much as Max which by Mesa Public School standards is Kindergarten ready.  She is super smart.  Now if she can only wipe her butt by herself.  I swear, I don't know why it's so difficult for kids to do this.  Is it because their arms are too short?  Max at least knows how but the quality of the wipe scares me half to death.  Anyway, Molly is all into beads, jewelry, moving little trinkets from one "home" to another.  She empties things out and puts new things in.  She makes the most messes by far and finds it extremely difficult to clean up.  She actually says this.  "Mom, cleaning up is really difficult".  The other day she says to me.  "Mom, humans and animals have brains right?"  I said, "yes".  She says, "well, what about Zombies?"  I died laughing.  She loves reading books and coloring.  She begs to be ready every night before bed.  Which we do read 1 book but 1 book is NEVER enough.  I would love to read more, but I am so tired and impatient by the time they go to bed.  I just want them to SLEEP so the house is silent. (yes, I'm a selfish mom and I don't care)  Molly is my good eater.  She loves California rolls (borderline sushi) and really anything we are eating.  She LOVES candy and would eat it all day long if I would let her.  She doesn't love eating breakfast and is never hungry in the morning.  But when she does get hungry, watch out.  She doesn't want to stop eating.  She has graduated to a Sunbeam in church this year.  I'm pretty sure she behaves well, but I'm not positive.  Every time I peek in she seems to be sitting in her chair quiet.  She loves to talk though.  The other week her primary teachers told me that she told them her Dad died.  She went on and on about how Jim died and some elaborate story to go along with it.  Then after the story was over she told them, "and then he came back to life".  hahahah...I laughed really hard.  She is now taller than Max by a good inch.  She wears 2 sizes bigger in shoes and a size bigger in clothes.  She is HUGE!!  Not fat at all, just tall and muscular.  She is CRAZY about Goldie.  She gets so excited she hurts little Goldie.  She squeezes too hard, pokes to deep and yells too loud.  I'm pretty sure Goldie is scared of her.  I tell her, "Molly, you need to calm down and be soft".  She says, "I can't, I'm just too excited".  She's just too funny.

Goldie is just a little fat baby that is so stinking cute.  She's starting to sit up all by herself.  She still can't roll over but none of my kids did ever.  She loves to still eat every 3 hours.  I'm trying so hard to push it to 4 hours but there is now way.  I've introduced her to applesauce, bananas and sweet potatoes.  She is having a hard time with the spoon but I'm sure she'll catch on.  She already LOVES icecream and soda and anything anybody is drinking.  She sleeps all night long and is the best baby.  She has her days of course but she has been the easiest baby.  She's been on a schedule the past couple months which makes me happy.  Her naps are short but she still takes 3 a day.  She weighs 21lbs and sky rockets off the growth chart in every way but her head.  My little Barainca babies have small heads and HUGE bodies.  Everyone comments on how fat and chubby she is and they all want to squeeze her legs and cheeks.  We're all crazy about Goldie and are in love with her!  Oh, and she DOESN'T have red hair.  Perfectly GOLD just like her name.

Jim just got called to be in the 1st Counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency.  I am the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency.  It keeps us the perfect amount of busy.  We love our ward and hope that all the wards we are in are just as cool.  I am starting to take piano lessons from Michele Chater who serves in the Relief Society Pres with me.  I'm still trying to dance when I can.  Calli (my sister) offers and adult class on Monday night called Manic Monday.  I do love going but when 8:00pm rolls around I'm really tired.  My hair is still falling out by the balls from having Goldie.  It's thinned out by half by now.  I'm probably going to have to cut it all off.  I have lost 40 of the 50 lbs I gained from being pregnant with Goldie.  Sometimes I think back and wonder what I was thinking?  Did I really need to eat 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhiches for a SNACK?  Uggghhh....  The past 2 months my Mom, Kyle's Kim and myself (and sometimes Calli) did 30 day SHRED with Jillian Michaels work out video every day.  We would go over to my moms house at 8:00am and shred.  It's helped me tone and lose a few pounds.  We don't go over there anymore since she started back teaching but I still try to do it every day at home.  It's much harder to be motivated but I try.  I am doing a semi-paleo diet right now.  I haven't had dairy, sugar or white flour for 6 weeks.  It's been really hard but I hope it's worth it.

That is our life right now in a nut shell.  If I don't write it down, I'll forget and no one will ever know any of this.  So I hope my kids  and grandkids will be reading this one day and say, "I'm so glad Grandma Barainca wrote all this stuff down".  haha, probably not.

Max found this app during church and thought it was so fun to put props on the pictures he took.

I re-created this picture to see how much they look like.  It was pretty funny!

Sunday dress (from Aunt Kim (kyle's)

Grandpa Steve came to visit Goldie.  She was happy!

Our family went camping around Black Canyon Lake close to Heber for the 4th of July.  It was pretty fun!

Our 6th Anniversary date.  We bought running shoes for each other.  Not sure Jim has used his yet.

We went to Laguna Beach in California the weekend before school started.  The kids had fun playing in the sand.

1st day of Kindergarten and Whittier Elementary School.  I was was so nervous the whole day. 1:45 couldn't come fast enough!!

Molly being Molly.... 

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