Friday, January 2, 2015

The Holidays

Holy smokes, I am behind.  Well, Molly and I had our birthdays in September.  Molly turned 4 and I turned 35.  WOW, 35!!  October came and our favorite holiday HALLOWEEN came.  Now that I am thinking back a few months, not much has happened.  We were busy with the Holiday stuff, but not much happened.  I guess that is a good thing right?  Jim has a break right now in school which has been nice for all of us.  It's nice to have him home at nights.  We had a great Christmas this year.  My brother Kirk and his family flew down here on the 26th and were here for a week.  I'm pretty sure our family got together every night to hang out.  My kids were up WAY past their bedtime.  My inlaws are here for their winter being cozy in their 5th wheel.  They bought a trailer and had it parked in a trailer park by our house.  They were so nice to come to our house and watch our kids on New Years Eve.

As far as our family goes:  We are trying to get pregnant again.  We are hoping to add #4 to our family.  Jim is still in school, but graduates in May!!!  We are hoping he gets a new job or maybe gets recruited for a job in another state.  Jim is Elders Quorum 1st Counselor and I am the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society.  Sundays are busy for us!  We are just living day to day and hope this year brings not just good Luck but payoff for the hard work Jim has put in.

Max and Molly are my Irish twins.  They play and fight and play and fight more.  Max is loving learning how to read.  Molly is right behind him trying to learn everything he is.  I have to register her for Kindergarten this month.  So crazy!

Goldie is 10 months now and she can sit.  Hahaha, she can't crawl yet, but I'm okay with that.  She is what you call a HUGE baby.  She is almost crawling, so I assume any day now.  I don't forsee her walking in the near future.   She is having trouble standing on her legs.  The Dr says she is delayed.  Not sure what she means by that, but she is supposed to be going in for Physical Therapy to help get her to straighten her legs and start standing up.  So that's fun.  She is my feisty child.  She cries a lot, is not content most of the day and gets super pissed when she doesn't get what she wants.  I'm scared for her toddler years.  But she is cute and she is smart.  She can clap, wave bye bye, say bye bye on demand and put her arms up when we say "touchdown".  I mean that is genius level right there. hahahahaha
Mollys birthday 

Max made me this card for my birthday

My birthday 9/11 at Tempe Town Lakes

I planned a HUGE activity for the Relief Society.  "OCTOBERFEST".  It was a "super saturday" event.  My mom came and Calli actually taught a  nutrition class

Halloween Trunk or Treat for our ward.

Goldie in Splits

Halloween day.

Max and Molly with their friends Jake and Emily Palmer

I re-painted my countertops. Still ghetto, but clean ghetto.

I forgot that I took a trip to New York to visit Kirks family.  My mom and I got to fly together.  We missed our connecting flight in South Carolina and had to stay overnight.  While our luggage was lost, we ended up in the same clothes.  It was such a fun trip getting to see all my neices and nephews, especially, Baby Henry.

Mollys new favorite past time.  The Salon

The kids begged me to put up the trees this year mid November.  It was a little early, but it's all good.  They had fun decorating the trees and putting all the lights up.

Our thankful turkeys. FHE

Running the turkey trot.

The Home Depot Santa Claus.  Molly ran away.  She was scared.

Thanksgiving Day at Mom and Dads.

Brock and Jes were the only ones at dinner this year.  It was small, but the food was just as good.

Tempe Marketplace

Stocking #5 added this year.  GOLDIE

FUSE Rock the Holiday show.  So much fun to be able to dance in the same show.  Kim, Josie, Dolly and Max and Molly.  All of us got to dance!

Mollys preschool activity.  SHe wasn't scared this time.

Our Christmas card., 2014

Christmas Sunday.

The Train park

All of us at the train park.

We took a quick trip to SLC Utah the week before Christmas.  Jayden (my new nephew) was officially adopted Brian and Vanessa Barainca.  We went to the courthouse and got to meet this little guy.  Max and Jayden had a blast.  It was so much fun hanging with all of Jim's family.  People I have never met, I got to meet for the first time.  This is us in front of the SLC temple.  Which I ran into Catherine Keddington Arvesth while we were there.

We stopped to build a snowman on the side of the road.  

Gingerbread houses with Grandma Huffaker

Mesa, AZ temple lights Addie Huffaker came with us.

Christmas Eve

The one time Goldie wanted to straighten her legs and stand up.

A little depressed Christmas is over.  No tree, no lights.....

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